Online Run Coaching Services!

Are you looking to get started with running? Planning for your first half marathon? Wanting to break through and earn a personal best on your next race? No matter your goals, having a coach can make it easier and more fun. Don’t go at the task alone, let me help you exceed your goals.

Running has become such a huge part of my life. When I first started running  I had no idea how in love with the sport I’d become. Coaching sort of came naturally to me as my friends started asking me to train them. As I celebrated their successes, I realized that Coaching was exactly where I belonged. That’s when I decided to become a USA Track and Field Certified Coach! My coaching philosophy is a great mix of cheerleader and drill sergeant. I’m going to push you out of your comfort zone, ask you to dig deep inside to find your potential, strive to exceed what I know you’re capable of, and I will celebrate & cheer for you every step of the way!


As your coach I’ll:

  • Create a custom training plan designed for your needs and your goals. The training plan will be put on a google spreadsheet that we both have access to. This is where you can put in notes about how you felt during runs, and I can offer feedback
  • Be accessible for questions, concerns, and support
  • Be able to rearrange your training schedule when life happens and scheduled runs need to be reorganized
  • Be your biggest cheerleader and voice of reason! I like to be involved with my runners and share their journey with them.
  • give you a great form of accountability. As your coach we will have daily/weekly check ins on how your runs are feeling and any adjustments that we need to make
  • send you useful information on strength training, mobility, and tips for runners to prevent injury and be the strongest runner you can
  • give you access to all of the life lessons I’ve learned. I’ve battled injuries, I’ve ran through pregnancy, I’ve faced set backs, terrible race conditions, and the general mishaps that occur when you’re new to running (Like registering for a half marathon without reading the description, showing up on race day to find out it’s a trail half in the deep woods, and you’ve never run on trails before)


I currently have clients that are all working towards different goals from different parts of the Country. No goal is too small or too big for us to work together!

If you choose me as your running coach:

  • First, we’ll do an introduction so that I can learn more about your running history, goals, and what you would like to accomplish
  • We will talk about your current life schedule and what days work best to schedule your runs
  • Next, I’ll put together a 1 – 4 week block of training for you. Instead of handing you a training plan to get you to your goal race, I like to do a few weeks at a time to ensure that we are keeping up with schedule and paces that may change over time as you get stronger!
  • Each Sunday I’ll send a recap of what is expected for the following week.
  • We will have continuous accountability! I’ll check in with you as I see you complete scheduled runs and support you 110% along the way
  • I’ll send you nutrition, strength, and cross training knowledge  throughout the course of your training as well
  • Finally: We will come up with race plans together. We will plan out nutrition, paces, and everything you need for each race day to be successful!



$50 per Month- Online Coaching

– With my coaching services you are not locked into a contract for any period of time. I’ll always update your training calendar weekly so that we can adjust when things arise like vacations, doctors appointments, work etc. I like the weekly method because as I find my athletes getting stronger, I like to fine tune their workouts each week. We will work together to plan for goal races, customizing each week to bring you closer to those goals.


$75 per month -Monthly Online Coaching plus in-person training

– For those local to the Rochester area, we can add on in person training sessions. These would be great ways to have me check over your form, watch you perform running drills, and offer feedback to help you run the most efficiently. If you find that you need someone with you on hard workouts or track days, this is a great opportunity to have your coach by your side to encourage you to hit those workouts hard. This plan would allow for us to meet twice per month for 45-60 minutes.

$175 one time fee – 12 week training plan for a specific goal race

– For those who are looking for a one time customized training plan. This would include me doing a personal call with you to find out where your running life is currently at and what your goals are. I’d take the time to figure out what days work best for your running and your time constraints. From there I would build a 12 week plan to get you to your goal race. Unlike the monthly plan though, this would not include any changes or updates as your training progresses. I would build the 12 week plan, send it to you, and you would do the work from there.


Email any questions to and let’s get started crushing those goals!