About me!

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m a mother runner of two beautiful girls. I started my running journey right after the birth of my first child for a reason a lot of people run, to lose weight.  I was never a runner in all of my life, I never even gave it a try. But I needed a way to combat the baby weight and the postpartum depression. Running became my outlet for my feelings and a way to feel good about myself again. Once I started running, there was no looking back. I became a runner.

When I decided to embark on my first half marathon in 2014, I decided I needed some motivation that would hold me accountable to the training. I started up a blog and decided that I wanted to make my running meaningful. This led to the decision that I would bring awareness to an organization and help raise money for their cause. It was such an amazing experience watching my friends, family, and people I’ve never met support me and support MiracleFeet, a non-profit that was set up to help children born with clubfoot in under developed countries. I had a lot of fun, made lots of new friends, and my running had an even bigger purpose behind it.

After having my second daughter in November of 2015 I needed some motivation to get back into race shape again. Although I continued to run throughout my entire pregnancy, I really wanted to get back to breaking my personal bests. In order to do that, I registered for the Rock N Roll Savannah half marathon and began fundraising for Birthdays For All.I raised over $1500 during my training for this amazing non-profit that provides birthday gifts to the foster children in our area. I crushed the half marathon with a personal best of 1:38:55 and was even happier to hear about all the children who benefited from the fundraising.

Now I’m on a mission to qualify for Boston. My marathon training plans were derailed back in October when I came down with IT band syndrome as well as a pretty severe case of IT band tendinitis. I was hoping to run the Charleston Marathon and qualify but I had to drop down to the half and just run as a training run. My plans for Chicago Marathon in 2017 also got derailed when we moved our family from Charleston, SC to Upstate NY. I opted to defer Chicago to 2018 and run the Wineglass marathon, in beautiful Corning, NY, instead. My training took a huge hit with the move though and I didn’t come anywhere close to qualifying for Boston. I did finish in 3:53 and I am over the moon with that finish time! I was never disappointed, not even for a second, with that time.  But I’m still on a mission. Still trying to strive to the best version of myself. So now I look forward to the Chicago Marathon in 2018 and will work my butt off to reach that 3:30 goal. You better believe that even if I don’t make it, I’m not giving up.

I hope you will follow me in this crazy journey towards meaningful running. If you want to see more updates please connect with me on social media and lets run this world together.





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