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Chicago 2018 Training

Last year at this time, I was staring at a bunch of books trying to figure out the best marathon training plan for me. Every time I had tried to venture into the marathon, I found myself injured. IT Band pain, IT Band tendinitis, something always seemed to stand in my way. So when I started to plan for Chicago, I wanted to take Pre-hab seriously and get myself healthy to the start. What I didn’t realize was that I would be moving my entire family across the coast during the middle of my training cycle.

When we found out that we were moving to New York, my husbands new job wanted him to start immediately. This caused a problem because it left me, with two children, by ourselves in South Carolina while I got the house fixed up and on the market to sell.  This made for a very stressful time for me in particular because most of the responsibility of this move was on me to take care of. I also had lost my partner for 5 weeks, the one who watched the kids for me when I needed to run. I was thankful of friends who offered to watch my kiddo’s but attempting to get 5-6 runs in a week was just down right impossible. Out of my 3  scheduled 20 milers I had planned, only 1 happened.

Not only did the move effect my training, it effected what I was training for. After we made the move, we couldn’t make the trip to Chicago work. So I deferred to 2018 and instead ran the Wineglass Marathon in my home town that was one week prior to Chicago. Though, once I finally got to New York with my husband, our life was a crazy hectic mess of living in a two bedroom apartment with none of our belongings for weeks. I didn’t get in nearly the volume of running I was supposed to for the marathon. If you read my recap of Wineglass, you know what happened. Crash and burn. 


See, I’m not trying to just lay out all the mistakes that happened or the excuses as to why they happened. I just want you to know where last year stood for me. I was extremely proud of my time at Wineglass and I have no regrets about that race but now it’s time to stop thinking about the past and look toward the future.


Chicago Marathon 2018 

I’m ready as I’ll ever be to knock at the door of another marathon. Training is going to be different this time around and so will my cross training and strength training. I’m not going to go into a ton of details surrounding my training this year though because I think, if you really care to know my workouts, you can find them on Strava. This time I’m going to focus more on blogging about what I’ve gone through mentally each week and fun things I’m planning for Chicago. I don’t really think my readers care if I did a 6 mile run at an easy pace but instead know where my mind is at, what fun cross training exercises I’ve found, and what restaurants I plan on gorging myself in Chicago.

So let’s start there. We are officially 104 days out from Chicago and I’m nervous, excited, scared, and confident.

Things I’m doing to make sure I stay healthy:

  1. Eating right + taking my mulitvitamins
  2. Seeing my Chiropracter weekly
  3. Seeing my PT monthly
  4. Seeing a sports massage therapist monthly
  5. I work at a local gym now- So I’m teaching strength workouts weekly & able to get in all the stretching, PT exercises, and mobility exercises I possibly can while having amazing child care there!

Things I’m doing to mentally stay in the game:

  1. I found myself an awesome coach who is helping me succeed, holding me to accountability, and pushing me out of my comfort zone.
  2. Running with a friend! I’ve met a great friend, Lindsey, who has been running with me weekly which is helping tremendously.
  3. Going to Rochester Running Co for all the possible group runs I can, so that I can talk to others, chat about my goals, and have people to keep me focused
  4. Journal my goals. I’ve found that if each week I sit down and write out how I’m feeling, what I expect of myself, and kudo’s to myself, I stay in a great place mentally


So there we have it. The beginnings of marathon training round 2! Chat with me in the comments, let me know what you think. How do you stay mentally in the game for the long months of marathon training? Have you been to Chicago and do you have any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear from others!






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