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Training Recap- Week 4 RnR DC

I’m not going to lie, I’m over this whole “Winter Running” thing. In Charleston, winter running meant we waited until 8 am instead of 6 am to run and sometimes I wore capris. I think one time Lana and I had to alternate who wore the gloves because our fingers were chilly. Now I put on: 3 pairs of tights, 3 long sleeve shirts + a hoodie, ear warmers, a hat, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, and a wooly neck thing. I’m exhausted just typing that out… you should see what its like after the run. We all know how hard it is to get off a sweaty bra, just imagine all those sweaty layers.


It’s fine. It’s going to make me a stronger runner, right? Right?! Full disclosure: I would 100% be doing more of my runs on a treadmill if it wasn’t for the Lululemon Strava challenge. Last year for the challenge, they never mentioned freebies would be the reward. I had been slacking on training and only hit the 40k mark, which led to me missing out on awesome Lululemon shorts to go with my shirt. This year, I’m hoping they repeat the freebies, because I ran outside in blizzard conditions just for the challenge. Let’s recap all the crazy running I did this week!

Monday: Spin class. I love my Monday spin class because it actually sets me up for some cross training for the week to start off.

Tuesday: HIIT n Ripped class! I’m pretty excited because this week coming up, I will be teaching the first half of hit n ripped class at my gym. After that, I’ll start rotating on Sundays teaching a full class. If anyone is in the Rochester area and wants to get a good workout in, let your girl know! You can come take my class at Penfield Sport & Fitness.

Tuesday evening I headed out for more Lululemon mileage. It actually warmed up into the 50’s for 2 days here in Rochester. I watched as almost all of the crazy snow we got, melted away. It’s pretty impressive how quickly it can disappear. It felt good to actually run on pavement instead of snow. I got a burst of energy and speed back in my legs for the 5 miles I had time for.

Wednesday: I managed to get out for 7.5 miles after Tony got home from work and I got caught in the worst of it. It was right as it started to rain, then the temp dropped and it started to snow on me. Then the wind picked up pretty heavy and the rain that had fallen was turning to ice on the roads. I managed to survive the run without falling on my butt, so we will call it a win.

Thursday: Cross training at Barre class. Normally on Thursdays the sweet sister of mine comes over for the day but she was busy this week. Thus, I had the opportunity to go venture off to Barre Class. My booty and my legs got one heck of a workout in.


Thursday afternoon it was warm again and I decided to try and get in some mileage. I of course, got caught in the rain storm I was trying to beat. However I did manage 3 miles before calling it quits and heading home soaking wet.

Friday: I got some more cross training in at Turbo Kick. I could literally do turbo kick all day long. I was supposed to get some mileage in Friday night but again, the temperatures dropped low and we were supposed to get a ton of snow. So I just said meh, and figured I’d make up the mileage later.

Saturday: I had to put on my beast mode. We got roughly 16 inches of snow overnight. The plows had not even come close to clearing any of the roads. It was the normal New York cold temperatures as well. I got out there though, for 6 freezing miles before heading home. I wanted to get in a few more but some time constraints we had with our schedule didn’t allow for it. I had a 4 year old who had tickets to go see Ferdinand with daddy and I couldn’t be late getting home so they could head off to their daddy/daughter.


Sunday: blah. I figured I’d get my long run in and get close to finishing up the 80k for the Strava/Lululemon challenge. I got all bundled up in my ridiculous amount of layers and headed out. The sun was shining which was a really nice change. I had to go slow because the snow was still packed in pretty good and there was a ton of ice out there. I don’t mind going slower and disregarding pace in this kind of weather because there is not anything else you can do about it. After a few miles though my feet felt tight with two pairs of socks on, so I stopped home and took a pair off and warmed up a little bit. I went right back out to finish up for a total of 9 miles for the day. I debated going back out once more to finish up the Strava challenge but I remembered I had Monday night to get in the remaining miles.

I hope everyone else has started to warm up from our incredibly cold weather. It looks like we may get a warmer day next week once again which I hope some snow melts for. Until then, you’ll find me on the treadmill for a while.






One thought on “Training Recap- Week 4 RnR DC

  1. I managed the 40Km for the Lululemon challenge, which with my injury state is surprising for me. They haven’t told us what the rewards would be there year but I hope it’s something good, anyone who managed to run 80Km with the way the weather has been all over the US deserves it.

    I can’t imagine how long it takes you to get dressed and undressed to run in that weather… I wore like 4 layers on Saturday when I volunteered and I was still freezing, not even snowing or anything here!

    You got some good workouts in… even if your mileage wasn’t what you wanted, you haven’t given up. I think I would hibernate with all that snow around me. It will make you mentally tougher and I bet running in it is kind of a strength workout, resistance of the snow (like beach running maybe)?


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