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Training Recap Week 3 RnR DC


I think the entire running community across the states took a hit this week with the weather. I watched as all of my running friends in Charleston had to deal with 6 inches of snow and awful ice. Up here in New York we were dealing with temperatures in the negative 20-25 degree range. You know its a strange week when both Charleston kids and Rochester kids have no school due to winter weather!

Monday: Happy New Year!! I spent my New Years day hanging with the family. I don’t normally take Monday as a rest day but since Christmas & New Years both fell on it, I changed it up a little. I spent the day in sweat pants and my new favorite Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt.


Tuesday: Hill sprints on the Treadmill. I actually don’t mind when I have a specific workout on the treadmill. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Hill sprints include a .5 mile warm up and then I increase the incline to 5% for around 300 meters. It’s not exact, sometimes it’s only 200 meters and sometimes I go for 400 meters. Then I bring it back down until I’ve recovered. That also is just by feel, no exact measurement but usually close to around 200 meters. I did 7 hills with a short cool down, adding up to 3.1 miles total.

Then I went to Hit and Ripped circuit training class. We really worked on squats & lunges which was great for me in strength training. The key to the Chicago Marathon is simply staying healthy between now and then.

Wednesday: 2.1 warm up run on the treadmill before I went to Turbo Kick class. This is a class that really gets my heart  rate up and it incorporates a lot of leg work as well. Cross training for the win!

It was pretty cold Wednesday night but I want that Lululemon, which means I need to get my butt outside. I bundled up for a 5.2 mile run around my snowy/icy neighborhood. It was 14 degrees but there wasn’t any wind, so it actually felt warmer than that.


Thursday: Snowy purposeful run. I had intended on getting in more mileage but it was truthfully bitter cold out. I managed 2.6 miles in the snow and even helped out a girl who had slid off the road and was stuck in a snow bank. Those winter cleats come in handy when you need to kick a bunch of snow away!


Friday: Cold day! The kids had school cancelled due to the temperature being -25 degrees outside. It ended up being a day where I strength trained around the house and skipped out on a workout because I didn’t even want to leave the house and walk into the gym.

Saturday: It was still well below zero on Saturday and our local group run was cancelled. At a certain point, you have to take runners safety into serious consideration. You can get frost bite within 10 minutes in temperatures that low and I wasn’t about to risk it. I headed for the gym and got in 5 progressive miles.


Saturday afternoon we went out with friends to the Wine and Chocolate festival here. There was tons of wineries as well as dessert places with free samples. I had the most delicious glitter cupcake, yummy honey wine, and lots of chocolates!

Sunday: I ventured out. I waited until it was closer to the afternoon so that temperatures were just above 0. The run wasn’t bad when the wind was to my back, but the minute I turned around and got hit with the frozen tundra, I regretted my decision. I managed 6.3 of my 10 miles before my body was seriously cold and I headed inside. I debated back and forth going back out but ultimately football and a hot shower won the battle.


Week 3 in the books!





2 thoughts on “Training Recap Week 3 RnR DC

  1. I know you’re sad you didn’t get all 10 miles in, but you still had some good workouts in there and I think just 6.3 miles in that snow will make you mentally tough. I can’t even think about temperatures in the NEGATIVE 20-30 degree range. I mean, positive 20-30 degrees is cold enough here (also the cold irritates my injury, so I purposefully waited until yesterday afternoon to run). And cross training like the classes are good exercise too, especially with that weather. Never hurts to be in the gym and you can get a safe, dry, warm workout there.


    1. Thanks Amy! I am trying hard to follow a training plan this time around for the half to set myself up nicely to transition into marathon training. If it wasn’t for the lululemon challenge, I would have ran inside during those cold negative temperatures. It certainly is mentally tough and tough on the legs with the resistance of the snow but its hard to do any type of tempo/speed work in it. It’s just pure survival mode haha. I’ve been loving my gym and all the classes i’m able to take. They have an amazing kids area with craft areas, tons of toys, and a big basketball court for the kids to play in and they allow up to 2 hours of free child watch included in my gym membership. The girls absolutely love it there and it allows me to get to some fun cross training classes. I hope all is going well with your injuries and that the weather has warmed back up in the south for y’all! I miss you girls SO MUCH. It seems so strange not racing or doing pub runs all the time with you guys. It’s a little lonely.

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