Weekly Training Rundown

Training Recap (Week 1 RnR)

This was week one of Rock N Roll DC Half marathon training. I guess before we dive into the actual training, we should talk about the ABC’s of the race. I always plan for some goals in order to pace myself and because I personally, push myself harder, when I set lofty goals.


A Goal: 1:37 – I’m 110% not expecting this to happen. In a perfect world I’d PR but we can break down the reasons it wont. It’s in DC and a fairly hilly course. I took about a 6-8 week hiatus after the marathon as far as running goes. Speed work hasn’t been a focus of my training in months. 12 weeks isn’t long enough to get my fitness back + do better. But, it’s fun to chase the dream.

B Goal: 1:45 – Basically I want to be able to run this race at what I dream to be my Marathon Pace. The goal would be to run this race comfortably hard pace. This would let me know I’m in the right direction for the Chicago Marathon in October.

C Goal: Have fun and cross the finish line injury free- This will be a new city for me to run in and I’m pretty excited about that. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a brand new run for me because I’m too busy freaking out over pace.

With that in mind, I’m trying to do my training at the A goal pace.

Monday: I usually hit up Spin every Monday morning after I drop Fiona off at Preschool. I can make it to the gym right before the class starts. I’m trying incredibly hard this training cycle to add in more cross training. This spin class is one of my favorites and very difficult for me. I managed 21 miles in 55 minutes. I’ve been keeping track of my distance with each class to see myself hopefully improve. If nothing else, it’s a good sweat with fun music.

I also did an easy 4 mile progression run. I’m loosely following Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon training plan for this race. My splits started around 9:01 and ended at 8:21.

Tuesday: Hill sprints. This would be perfect if the weather outside was better. I have a really great hill right at the front of my street perfect for this. The plan called for hill sprints of 200-400 meters, with about a 200m recovery in between. Since it was going to be awful outside (see picture below), I hit the treadmill. I kept the pace the same as I set the incline to 4.5% and most of the hill sprints were the full 400m. I did 6 of them and then did a small cool down before heading to ‘hit and ripped’, a circuit training/strength training class at my gym.


Friday: Tempo Run- 5 miles. Hal’s Tempo is described as a slow build up to 10k pace and you only hold that pace for about 2 minutes before you come back down. I tried to mimic what he described on the treadmill by starting with a warm up mile, then 7:53 pace increasing my pace every 400 meters or so before hitting 7:13 (10k pace) for 2 minutes and coming back down. This workout scared me a lot when looking at it on paper but it actually went really well.

Saturday: I spent the day with my parents at my house, opening presents, and making Christmas cookies with the kids. I worried that since I hadn’t run early that morning, I might miss out on my long Run- Hal’s plans alternate weeks of long runs being easy and long runs being a 3:1. That means that the first 3/4 of the run is easy and the last 1/4 is harder. Again the weather was absolutely terrible out and I didn’t have proper footwear for running in the snow yet. So, after my family left, I hit the quiet gym, for a solo 10 mile treadmill run. There was one other girl on a treadmill all the way at the other end and I pretended she was my running buddy to keep me going. I started the run around a 9 min/mile pace and ended with the last 3/4 of a mile at goal marathon pace. Surprisingly easy of a run and maybe it’s just the treadmill making it easy or maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit.


Sunday: Skipped a 3 mile workout. It was Christmas eve, I just did not have the time to get in the 3 mile workout. We had a wonderful time driving up to my in-laws and seeing extended family, eating delicious food, and watching the kids have fun opening presents. 26178817_10215442993932240_1365921999_o.jpg

Week 1 is a success in my book even after missing an easy 3 mile run. I’m  crossing my fingers for a healthy training cycle and hopefully breaking some PR’s this year.






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