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I haven’t disappeared

I’ve had lots of people ask me where the blog is, where I am… am I even running anymore.

  1. It’s here! Tucked away on my to do list
  2. I’m here! Being a crazy, busy mom/wife and slacker on all the other things
  3. Absolutely! but if it’s not on Strava, does it even count? 😉


I’ll just be honest, the move has taken a big toll on me and my running. Truth be told, running isn’t the same without Lana. *Cue sappy mushy music* You don’t understand how much a training partner (and best friend) mean to you, until they are gone. Lana and I ran 5 days a week together without hesitation. We lived 1 mile from each other, we were able to head out for a run at the drop of a hat, we ran in the dark together to make it less scary, and we pushed each other. Running served a higher purpose to me when it meant logging miles and conversation with my BFF. I miss her. I miss her more than I can put into words on here. My motivation and excitement from running has plummeted without her.

We still text each other daily. We send each other a screen shot of our runs. But still, I feel like a piece of me is missing. I have been joining local group runs and I’ve met some other runners. But it’s not the same as lacing up and heading out with Lana. I’ve give anything to have teleportation be a real thing that I could use nightly to go run with her. Running with her just made my soul feel better.

But I’m still here. Still running. I’ve got the Rock N Roll DC half marathon in 12 weeks and Chicago Marathon in the distant future. I started a 12 week training plan for RnR today and I’m gaining some momentum and ambition back with a goal race looking me in the face. Hopefully I haven’t lost too much fitness over the last two months. That marathon wiped me out! But I’m ready to jump back on the horse and see what I can accomplish. If I can’t run with Lana, the least I can do is make her proud.

2016 Race the Landing 5k Series Race #5
Images from the 5th and final race of the 2016 Race the Landing 5k series at Charlestowne Landing in Charleston, SC.

and I’m back to blogging. I really, really, really promise this time. I’m almost done with a marathon recap even though I know it’s long over do.




3 thoughts on “I haven’t disappeared

  1. I’ve seen your runs on Strava! I figured you just needed a break after the marathon, AND you were busy with life up there, the holidays, and adjusting to well, winter. We do miss you down here, especially with a lot of the runs and races lately that I know you liked (KIAWAH). I hope RNR DC training goes well and the holidays are wonderful for you and the little ones- especially since they will probably see a white Christmas!

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    1. Thanks Amy! I definitely needed a break and getting the motivation back up here alone in the cold is pretty hard. I also am still very unfamiliar with where to run. I wish so badly I could have been there for Kiawah, that is by far one of my favorite races. I love watching all of you at the races post the pictures, it makes me feel like I’m there with y’all. ❤ I'll at least be there for the bridge run this year. I hope all is going well with you and that Christmas is nice and warm for you guys!

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