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Hey Ya’ll,

Wow have I been gone for a while. I’m so sorry to everyone, including myself, for being so quiet these last few months. When life gets hectic for me, the first thing to go is my writing and updating in the blog. Everything in my life is now settled down and I can update everyone on all things going on in the Knopp house.

  1. We moved back to New York!! Back in August my husband started a job up in New York. Unfortunately I had to wait two and a half weeks after him to move up because I had to wait on the movers and get our house ready to sell.
  2. We sold our house in Charleston in 6 hours! It was a whirl wind of a day when we officially went up on the market, had people come look at our house a few hours later, and we had an offer in hand an hour after that. It was crazy and led to me needing to get stuff done for that. lastpicture
  3. Once the girls and I moved up to New York we had to live in the worst temporary housing EVER. While waiting to close on our new house, we stayed in a two bedroom tiny apartment that was so old and run down. I was miserable every single day living in that place.
  4. WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!  We bought, what I can only describe as my dream home, in Penfield, NY. This house has almost everything I have ever wanted in a house and neighborhood. house.jpg
  5. I ran my first marathon!!! I completed the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY in a time of 3:53. I’m very proud of my time, even if it was way off of where I wanted it to be. A recap of the race is coming, I promise! ❤ 705689_262320610_XLarge.jpg


So that about sums it up. I’ve found a new running store here in Rochester, NY called Rochester Running CO that I have fallen in love with. Any running store that does group runs on Saturday up to 20 miles with pace groups and a pacer that range from 7:30 min/miles to 14 min/miles is pretty freaking awesome in my book. And we don’t start until 7:30 am so I get to sleep too!!

The girls and I are finally starting to get into a good routine between pre-school, going to the gym, Vale’s speech therapy, and all the fun things that upstate NY has to offer before the winter comes.

I hope you all will hop back on and check out the blog once again now that my life is not a crazy hectic tornado storm.





5 thoughts on “Let’s talk life!

  1. Congratulations on Wineglass! You should be super proud of that marathon time, seriously. It might not be a BQ or your initial dream time, but you made it to the starting line of a marathon (more than my janky @$$ can do) and you finished in under 4 hours. It was your first full so you can run more to improve… and remember your race date and goal race changed… you did move to a completely new region of the country… a lot of people probably would have just not run a marathon with all that going on but you did it!

    I’m so jealous of your long run situation… I wish our stores would organize runs longer than 3 miles. Glad you have found a good store, running club, gym, and that the girls are adjusting well. Keep blogging and updating us on running and life, miss y’all here in Charleston.

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    1. Thanks Amy! I Thought if I didn’t BQ I’d be disappointed but I’m not in the least bit. That marathon was a true eye opener and I’m just so proud to have done it.

      My long run situation is pretty baller. RRC has been a life saver and I’ve already met lots of awesome people. To have people run 10+ miles with on the weekend makes it so much easier.

      I’m definitely back in my groove now so back to lots of blogging. I like keeping track of all of training and life. Hopefully I see you when I’m down for the bridge Run! 🙂

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  2. So happy that you are finally getting into a routine.. you sure did have it hectic for awhile there… I wish nothing but the best for you and your family… Keep up the training, you are going to love the diversity available to you.. hills, flats, new routes, new running companions… and as the family goes, the kids will make new friends, and most importantly you are close to family… Say hi to Tony… stay well…Love and miss you

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  3. So good to “see” you again here in blog land!!! Congrats on wineglass marathon btw! I agree with Amy here- you had a LOT of chaos leading up to the race but you chose to dive right in-While it wasn’t a BQ it was still a friggin (sub 4!) MARATHON!! You should be very proud of that. And congrats on selling and buying a home so quickly AND finding the perfect new neighborhood and place to set roots. I’m so happy you found a running community with such an awesome long run crew. (Charleston should try something like that!!) We really miss you here and I hope yo see you at the bridge run next year. We both have a score to settle at that race!!
    Sending big hugs your way, I’m looking forward to your race recap! ( and of course just updates in general!🙂)


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