Weekly Training Rundown

Wineglass Marathon Training week 3 & 4 & 5

Oh, hi! I’m Michelle, remember me?

I realize that I have neglected the blog as of late. I’ve been writing each week but not posting. I’m combining the last three weeks into 1. If you all knew the amount of stress I’m under right now, you’d completely understand why my blog has been of least importance to me. Let me break the news down, we’re moving back to New York. After 7 wonderful years here in Charleston we have made a family decision to move up there where our families are. We want our children to be able to spend more time with their grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. We also were only given 5 weeks to make the huge move up there before my husband needs to start his new job, so it’s been incredibly overwhelming and stressful. With the move has come a change in plans and I’ve deferred Chicago to 2018.

I’m bummed to say the least. I was really looking forward to a weekend in Chi town with the hubby and experiencing my first marathon. Unfortunately the timing of the move has caused me to make a tweak in my plans. Instead, I’ll be running the Wineglass marathon in my home town of Corning, NY. The Wineglass marathon looks to be a great course and has a lot of Boston Qualifiers! It is only 1 week earlier than Chicago, so my training will not take much of a hit. I did an 18 week training plan to give myself plenty of time. 1 week really shouldn’t effect my fitness that much.

The benefits to doing the Wineglass Marathon is that my friends and family can be there to see me finish. Originally I had planned on doing the half along side of my mother. This will be her first half marathon and I planned an adorable finish line photo of us side by side. Although she’s sad that I wont be running with her, she’s so excited to be able to be a part of my first marathon.

Now on to the last few weeks of training

Week 3:

Monday:  Cross- training Yoga. Oh how I have missed my Monday night yoga class. I could tell it had been a few weeks as my arms were shaking with weakness. As long as I stay consistent with yoga week to week, I really feel how much stronger it makes me. It’s a workout that doesn’t take long to feel and see the benefits of it.

Tuesday:  4.2 miles – I started with an easy 1 mile warm up and then did 3 miles at marathon pace.  I was supposed  to get some marathon miles in last week and that was the workout that I missed. I decided to make up for it this week and throw a few into an easy workout.

Wednesday: 4.3 miles – This was a very easy run. Due to my schedule I had to move two of my workouts around. This was supposed to be a recovery run that came the day after my Tempo run but it just couldn’t work out that way. Still, I want the miles that are supposed to be easy to remain easy even if I didn’t do a hard workout the day before. A quick trip around my neighborhood and saw some big blue heron flying around.


Thursday: 10.2 miles – The marathon plan I’m following wanted this one to be a bit harder of a run than I made it. My pace was slow, I stopped a lot more than I care to admit. Tony had Thursday off of work so I could get my workout in earlier rather than in the evening. However, Thursday was an incredibly hot day. I took off around 9 am and the sun was blistering down on me. I shed my tank top and used it as a rag to wipe up the sweat. I took my salt tabs and a HUMA for this run but it didn’t matter. I ended up sitting down on the side walk about 3/4 of the way through the run and contemplated calling Tony. I ran another half a mile to the Starbucks where they graciously gave me a giant ice water. That was enough to help me power through the final two miles home. This heat is going to kill me and my confidence. I hate not seeing the paces where the training plan wants them and I fully know that it’s due to the heat and humidity.

Friday: Rest day. This was my complete day off.

Saturday: 8.1 miles

Saturday morning we got up and took the girls to Bee City for a family fun day. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. There are tons of really cool animals that you can feed, pet, and play with. They also have a few food selections such as pizza, chicken tenders, and french fries. They have a great area that you can purchase fresh honey as well as some cute items for the house. We love feeding the lemurs and seeing the bees hard at work.

I held off my run until the evening. Mainly because my sweet husband let me sleep in until 9 am! I made the mistake of choosing to eat dinner before my run which was a heavy pasta meal. I gave myself an hour but it still wasn’t long enough to digest. Between the food on my tummy and the incredible heat at 7 pm, I lost a bit of my dinner on the side of the road around mile 6. My tempo miles were okay. I would have preferred them to be about 5-10 seconds per mile faster but I’ll take what I can get these days. I did end up having to stop once during my tempo miles which is kind of a no-no but I’m in straight survival mode during these runs as of late.

Sunday: 14 miles – Long run Sunday was awesome because I had some awesome company to keep me going. Truth be told, I’m not sure I would have finished those 14 miles as strong as I did if I hadn’t had Sandy and Jen with me. We got up at the butt crack of dawn to meet at the bridge at 6 am. We went up and over the bridge and back enjoying the sunrise. After those 6 miles, Sandy and I headed out to the old village in Mount Pleasant to run on the Pitt street Bridge. The views were beautiful and the residential area helped us stay a little cooler with the shade and we may have run through a sprinkler too! I tried not to pay too much attention to my pace for my long run but I will say that the last two miles were a total struggle. Again the heat + humidity were killing me and this was my highest mileage week since October.

Total: 40. 9 miles

I haven’t hit over 40 miles since October when I was crushing PR’s left and right. I think the increase in mileage certainly played a role in my exhaustion on Sunday and I’m hoping my body starts to get accustomed to the higher mileage.

Week 4:

Monday: Rest day. After Sunday’s long run, my body was crying for some rest. I did what my body pleaded for and just rested.

Tuesday: Yoga at Yoga Den with friends. For my friend Cortney’s birthday, her, Lana, and I all went to yoga together to celebrate! I’m used to going to hot yoga so this was a nice change of pace.

Wednesday: 3 mile progression run. Tony didn’t get home until after dark but I needed to get some miles in. I headed out pretending that I’m not completely terrified of the dark and made it all of a half of a mile before my heart rate was through the roof and I was ready to go back home. I had planned 4 and instead did 3 pretty semi- speedy miles for me. They weren’t speedy because I was trying, they were speedy because I was scared shitless and needed to hurry home.

Thursday: 6 mile progression run. This was a good run for me as I made it 4.5 miles before I needed to stop for a drink of water. With the heat and humidity I take no shame in how much I need to stop. Some people refuse to stop during their training runs and I’m just not one of them. If I need water or I need to take a 1 minute break, then so be it.

Friday: 8.1 miles with my favorite running partner for part! I just couldn’t muster up the ambition to do 8 miles alone so I begged my favorite training partner to get her adorable belly bump out there with me. I don’t care what pace I run at, my runs are ALWAYS 1000 times better with Lana by my side. I did 4 miles with her and then finished out 4.1 more solo.


Saturday: 6 miserable miles in the heat. I ran at 4:30 pm on a Saturday evening in July in Charleston, SC. I’ll let you all fill in the gaps as to how that run went.

Sunday: 15 miles with Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town. I dragged my butt out of bed by 4:15 so that I could get a head start.

Erica and Melanie met me at Page’s in Mount Pleasant at 6am for 10 miles but I had 15 I needed to get in. I got there early and managed 3 miles before they arrived. I’m SO thankful that I had them to help push me. We went up over the bridge to downtown and back. Erica finished her ten and got us a table at Pages and I headed off to finish my last two miles. Those two miles were in the heat and they were a suck fest. At that point I was wishing so hard that I had gotten there earlier to get in my 5 total. After I was done Erica had a carafe of mimosa’s waiting for me at our table. She knows the way to my heart.

Total: 42 miles

Week 5

Monday: Rest Day!

Tuesday: 5.5 easy miles in the heat. I ran at 10 am. Big no-no


Later that afternoon we took the girls to Riverfront park to enjoy the 4th of July celebration there. There was music playing, food trucks, beer, and the sprinkler pad for the kids. I wish it hadn’t been so hot out and maybe we would have hung around longer.

Wednesday: 6 miles with some mini speed work thrown in. I did 800 x 2 and 400 x 2 in the middle of these 6 miles. It wasn’t in the plan but I feel like I haven’t done speed in so long that I needed to get in some hard work. I was pretty pleased with the times that I saw for my speed work out.

Thursday: 10 miles – I met up with Mark at Starbucks at 5 am Thursday morning. He’s training for Chicago and needed to get his long run in during the week because of work. I did the usual 10 mile loop around Wescott and Coosaw while enjoying hearing all about the many runs that Mark has done. I was thankful that we started/finished at Starbucks so I could get a yummy orange juice to refuel with.


Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 7.6 miles cutting the humidity with my hand. You’d think by now I would know that a 4 pm run is the wrong answer.


Sunday: 16 miles with my bad ass lady gang.  This week we ventured to the downtown side of Charleston and started our run around the battery. I met up with Sandy at 5 am so that we could get in 6 miles before Erica met up with us for 10 miles. The first 6 miles it was completely dark and empty downtown, allowing Sandy and I to roam the middle of the streets without any cars. It was actually super peaceful to be running through the streets of downtown in the silence.


Erica joined in and we got 10 more miles done. We ran over to the base of the bridge and around one of the parks. The sun was out at this point and it caused my pace to drop from where we started. We did however make the smart decision of stopping at the gas station and filling our water bottles with ice. I may or may not have stuffed my sports bra with ice too. It was hot and I was just so thankful to have these ladies push me along. 16 miles alone would have just been straight miserable.

Total miles for the week: 45

I’m really excited to see how my paces drop when I get up to New York where it’s only 65 in the mornings! Although the more hilly nature of upstate New York will require lots of getting used to.

So many changes, so much excitement!





4 thoughts on “Wineglass Marathon Training week 3 & 4 & 5

  1. Girl, I hate to see you are moving!!! I completely understand the stress and struggle though. We had 4 weeks notice before we moved here to SC. 28 days to pack the house, sell the house and buy a new one! And we moved midway through the school year so my older kiddos had that adjustment to make in addition to all the other new move acclimations. If you need help just let me know!! While I know it’s bittersweet to be moving I’m sure it will feel great to be back “home”…
    Anyways sounds like marathon training is rolling along nicely! I’m sure you’ll be glad to be away from the humidity and heat that totally sucks the life out of any training run!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweetheart! It’s a huge adjustment and it feels like a whirlwind. My husband interviewed, was offered the job the next day, and then they wanted us up there in 3 weeks but we asked for 5 instead. I’ve had realtors, moving company, lenders etc all making appointments with me the last few days and I feel like my head might explode. Ha.

      Yes, I’m really excited to train in New York for a bit. I know the old saying that this heat/humidity makes us stronger for fall but I’m ready to take on the hills of Upstate NY instead as a way of strength and let my lungs have a break.


  2. Michelle, you got this. When I saw your FB post about moving, and then later about the dog, I completely understood why you hadn’t blogged. Family always comes before running anyway- it seems like your family is super supportive and makes that choice an easy one. My inlaws were at my marathon and totally saved me with water and cheering, too. If you can have family with you at a race, it is worth it. I’ve read good things about Wineglass in the blogging world as well.

    This heat is crazy! Besides, whoever wrote that training plan probably does not live and train for marathons in Coastal SC in July/August. As hard as it is to run in summer, you will probably miss running downtown Charleston and the bridge… I say use it as a chance to just get the miles in, be with friends, and enjoy the run more than worry about pace!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amy! Life has been a whirlwind these last few weeks and writing just had to be pushed to the side. Thankfully training hasn’t taken a hit yet. I’ve needed my runs just so that I have some down time to clear my mind.
      I’m really excited for Wineglass. I’ll be able to have friends and family there which might help push me a little bit more.

      This heat is nuts! I am very much going to miss running in Charleston which is why I’ve tried to get the bridge / battery in once a week. Charleston surely is one of the most beautiful places.


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