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Things I love: April & May Edition

April was a phenomenal month that included my birthday! My new years resolution this year was to try new activities and new restaurants each month. I refuse to go down the path of making some sort of health related new years resolution like I do every single year because it just never works for me. Being that I’m trying so many new things, I’m falling in love with new things! Here are few that tickled my fancy in April and May!

1. Bloody Mary’s:

It may come as a huge surprise that I’ve never had Bloody Marys before. I’ve always thought I would hate them because, who wants to drink tomato juice? That seemed gross and unappetizing to me. Then I decided one day to give my husbands a try, he mentioned it was pretty spicy and he knows I love anything spicy. Holy mother of god, DELICIOUSNESS. I was hooked pretty much immediately and ever since I’ve been choosing Bloody’s over Mimosa’s. My favorite so far comes from Triangle Bar and Grill where you get a slip of paper and create your own! The brunch at Triangle is not to be missed either! bloody mary


2. Sarah Marie Design Studios :

Did you guys see the two amazing tank tops that I got from Sarah Marie? I’m obsessed with everything that she creates. I recently purchased the “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty fast” and “Positive vibes negative splits” running tanks. They are super soft and lightweight and absolutely perfect to run in. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. Their quality is great as I’ve washed them and worn them numerous times so far without seeing any wear on them at all. They still look fresh and new. This month I purchased my favorite training partner and I the cutest shirts from her shop:

Now up on her website are some new favorites that have been added to the cart like this one below:


3. Oofo’s thong sandals


I don’t know why it took me so long to join the Oofo’s train. I’ve been seeing so many people sporting them and heard amazing things about them. Up until now I have been wearing my older running shoes as every day shoes because my knee/IT band/Tendenoitis really need the support while I’m chasing my kids around. I am usually the girl who rocks the $5 old navy flip flops but as you guessed, with no support in them, they really start to bother me after wearing them walking around for more than 30 minutes. I splurged on these shoes and knew that if they didn’t work I could send them back thanks to Amazon’s great customer service. The minute I put them on my feet melted and I was in heaven. I can never do justice to just how amazing these shoes feel on your feet, you just have to try them. My neighbor put one of mine on for 30 seconds and went home and ordered herself a pair. That’s how good they feel. You can immediately feel the support under the arches of your feet but they are just so cushioning that your feet almost feel like they are being massaged as you walk.

4. Normatec Recovery:


I finally got a chance to try out the Normetec Recovery Boots at the Athlete Recovery Lab located inside Blue Sky Endurance in Mount Pleasant. As part of my mothers Day gift I headed over to Blue Sky to try these out and get some new running shoes. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and was propped up in the boots and handed a cold beer! I laid back, relaxed, and scrolled through Instagram while the boots worked their magic on my legs. It felt like a nice massage as the compression rolled up and down from my feet to my hips. I can absolutely see myself getting in my long runs along the bridge and finishing at the Athlete Recovery Lab so that I can recover right away. Hopefully this might make marathon training just a little bit more bearable.

5. LuLaRoe Randy’s: I’m sure everyone has heard of LuLaRoe by now. I was a little late to the LLR bandwagon but now that I’m on, I’m never getting off. The clothes are soft, comfortable, and come in some very beautiful prints. I recently purchased my first Randy which is a shirt style with longer sleeves and a longer cut in the front/back to make them easily wearable with a pair of leggings. Now in my collection I have a few more Randy’s and I’ve found some really cute ways to style them including tying them to the side and pairing them with a maxi skirt. You can find LuLaRoe consultants all over but if you want really good customer service and someone who will make sure you have the perfect out, I highly recommend LuLaRoe Daniela Viavattine.





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