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Race the Landing #1 – Race Recap

My race recaps are so backed up. Part of it, I’m certain, is the lack of enthusiasm in continuously writing about my stupid calf muscles and how my legs just aren’t working. There are only so many times I can talk about it in a day without feeling defeated.

Race the Landing is one of my favorite series of races here in Charleston. The scenery of Charlestowne Landing is absolutely beautiful and the race truly puts on a lot for the runners. Included with your race entry fee is a finishers medal, dinner that caters to all dietary needs, and beer! There are 5 races in the series and if you sign up for all 5, you get a discount.

The first race was on a fairly warm evening and I went into it with low expectations. Between the bust of the Bridge Run 10k & the i5k, I knew that I couldn’t even shoot for close to a PR. I decided to treat this as a training run. I had done 3 miles easy earlier in the day and wanted to use these 3 miles as Tempo miles. Mind you, last year when I was training, my tempo miles averaged around 7:15 pace. Tonight I was planning on starting at 8:00/mile for mile 1 and trying to negative split to down to a 7:30ish for the 3rd mile. This was the plan to help me not be disappointed at the finish, get in a good workout, and hopefully watch myself make some progress over the course of the summer.

Before the race started my daughter had the kids run. This was my favorite part about the entire evening. This was her first race and she was so stinking excited for it. Included in your kids run fee is something small for the kids (this week was a cowbell), dinner, a finishers medal, and a trophy. The kids do two runs, one short one and one longer one. They get a medal for each of the races! I went live on facebook so that our family and friends that live far away could watch Fiona in her first race. She was so nervous but once the race started she had the biggest smile on her face. She was so freaking happy to get her trophy and seeing that look of pride on her face completely made my race of least importance.

When she was all finished I headed to the start line. I had no feelings of nerves because I went into the race with no expectations of having a PR. My plan was in my head and I just wanted to have a good workout.

Mile 1: 7:51 – Mile 1 was a little faster than I wanted but it was to be expected because this is the straight section of this course. I settled in to what felt comfortable for me, my heart rate was fine and my legs felt fine.

Mile 2: 7:57 – so much for negative splitting this race. By the half way mark of this mile my calves were feeling that burning fatigue sensation and I knew in m head the possibility of getting down to a 7:30 mile was going to be impossible. I just tried to keep enjoying the course and keep pushing myself.

Mile 3: 8:22 – The struggle bus was in full effect. I just wanted this to be over with so that I could have a cold beer and continue to whine about my legs. I’m still not sure what the crap this feeling is in my legs but it better go away SOON. This pace for a 5k is unacceptable for where m fitness is.


After the race was over I got my medal which was a gorgeous green glass and headed inside. Dinner for the night was delicious as usual and there were even cinnabons floating around that I may have got my hands on. We enjoyed dinner, I got my award, which is a really nice coaster, for placing 1st in my age group, and we headed home. It’s always a late night for the girls when we go to Race The Landing.






2 thoughts on “Race the Landing #1 – Race Recap

  1. I hate that your race didn’t go your way, even as a planned training run. This course is hard even to execute a good training run, honestly- but you got to share the run with Fiona and be there for her kids run, and you got an awesome coaster. I’m glad the awards are different this year, at least for adults. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my coaster so far!

    Here’s to hoping your legs feel better, the trip to NY goes well, and your next race is better!

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    1. Thanks Amy. It really is a hard course to negative split since mile 1 is much easier than the other two.

      The legs are slowly getting better. My last race, the legs held up until mile 2.5. The weird thing is, this tightening/seizing up my calves do, only do it when I’m pushing the pace to 5k pace. I’ve been able to manage my long runs around 8:30pace with no issues at all. Strange.


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