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139 days till Chicago! Weekly Recap

I’m SO behind on writing. I do apologize. Between being sick, my kids being sick, doctors appointments, and life, I’ve gotten so far behind on writing race recaps. I’ve started all of them and promise to get them out within the next week. It could also be a lack of enthusiasm due to how my races have been going for me but we will just pretend like it’s all about time management.

Last week I was sick and ended up having a big cut back week because I was so sick. I had taken Monday as my rest day as usual for Yoga. Then Tuesday afternoon I could barely move from the couch I was so sick. Hubby had to come home early to help me. Wednesday I was still out of commission. I did Race The Landing 5k on Thursday, easy miles Friday, the Mom’s Run 5k on Saturday, and by Sunday my body had enough and I ended up missing my normal long run. In the grand scheme of things that long run and cutback week are not hurting me any. My 18 week marathon training plan hasn’t even started yet, so I refuse to stress over it.

Now on to this past week…

Monday: I had some mileage to make up for and missing Sunday’s long run made me anxious to get back out there. I ended up putting in just over 7 miles on Monday instead of going to yoga. The miles weren’t too awful and I averaged a decent pace. (For comparison to what you’ll read about my half marathon, these 7.2 miles were faster than what I averaged for that half marathon and the half felt like death, these 7 miles were easy peasy)

Tuesday: Another 7 mile run but this one about 30 seconds per mile slower and the heat was absolutely brutal. After 3 miles I had to just keep saying to myself “just get to one more mile and we can re-evaluate if we want to keep going.” The best thing for me to do on these kinds of runs is stay as far away from my house as possible. The moment my run takes me near my house, I’m going to call it quits.

Wednesday: Rest day. A complete rest day. I didn’t have it in me to do a damn thing.

Thursday: I headed out for a short 4 miler on Thursday evening pretty late since my Husband was late getting home from work. As soon as I hit the end of the street I got a text from my favorite running partner asking to run with her. I ended up getting two miles in solo and two with Lana. She makes the miles go by so much easier. Those long 20 mile marathon training runs are going to be brutal without her.

Friday: Friday afternoon I headed to Sunset Beach for my half marathon. Penney was running the half with me and Christi was running the 5k. Christi’s family has a beach house on the island which made this race so convenient for us and we were so lucky of their generosity to let us all use the house for the weekend. I arrived around 5pm right behind Penney and her husband Tommy. I went out to the beach for a nice relaxing stroll after being in the car for 3 hours. I was going to do a 2-3 mile shake out run but I did enough walking of the beach that night to make up for it. After Tom and Christi arrived, we had a delicious pasta carb loading dinner with shrimp and salad before hitting the beach for a sunset walk with the dogs.

Saturday: I knocked North Carolina off of my list of states! I did the Coastal Race Productions, Run Sunset Beach Half Marathon. This race had it’s ups and downs but it was by far the most BRUTAL race I’ve ever done. Do you remember me complaining back in March when I did the Shamrock half and it snowed/sleeted was below freezing temperatures, rained sideways, had 30 mph winds, and I got pelted by sand in the face running along the beach? Yeah I’d take those race conditions over what I faced on Saturday any day. 13.1 miles in DIRECT sunlight beating down on my face (and I didn’t wear a hat) 80 degrees, I had to run a bridge two times before the halfway mark, and the end of the race featured some nice rolling hills of a golf course. Back in November I ran a 1:38 at Rock N Roll Savannah, I finished this half marathon in 1:56 and it was 20 times harder both mentally and physically than that fast 1:38 I threw out 6 months ago. A full recap will come ( I promise not too late!) and you can hear how much I struggled and how humbling that race was.

Penney set herself a nice PR even in those brutal conditions and broke 2 hours for her half marathon!!! Look at the joy on this girls face crossing the finish line. This is what it’s all about. I’m so glad I was there to witness this!


After the race was over we chilled on the beach with some drinks to recover. I hung out for a bit before packing up and heading back home with my GIGANTIC MEDAL that is the size of my kids head.


Sunday:  Recovery. I went back and forth debating on doing a recover run on Sunday. My mind said “yes lets do it!” but my legs were more like “yo lets foam roll today girl.” So I opted to listen to the legs and wore my compression sleeves all day and foam rolled. No need to over do it with marathon training right around the corner. Instead we had a great family fun day taking the girls to Splash Island in Mount Pleasant. That water park is the perfect size for the girls and offers enough variety to keep them busy. We played there for two hours, grabbed some salads from Verde and headed home to relax for the rest of the day.

I hope you all had fantastic weeks and congratulations to everyone who ran this weekend. It was a HOT one and I’m so inspired by all of you who braved those conditions to run.





4 thoughts on “139 days till Chicago! Weekly Recap

  1. Congrats on the half and finishing it injury-free. Saturday was a brutally hot day and I was glad I got to stop my run at 8 miles. It was 100% humidity here. Anyone who attempted to run a half marathon on Saturday is pretty brave because May is way late for that in the South! Besides the race, it looks like you had a good week of pre-race training and if nothing else, you had fun at the beach, got a long run in, and got some pretty sweet pictures.

    I’m not running 20s, but if you ever wanna log some long runs this summer, I’d join you for a few miles. I am signed up for two half marathons this Fall and hoping for a strong summer of running.

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    1. Thanks Amy! Saturday was definitely fun pre/post race but during it I just couldn’t enjoy myself. When I find myself having a race/run where I’m not hitting the speed I want, I try to at least have fun and enjoy myself. It was really hard to muster up that kind of feeling with the heat. Myself and 3 other runners were running very close to each other and we all just took turns passing each other while the other walked and then they would pass me when I walked and we played that game for at least 5 miles. We all kept pep talking each other when we ran by the others walking.

      I would LOVE for some company on long runs. Even if it is just for a portion it would help make it go by faster. After racing on saturday I thought to myself “why are you doing double this distance you fool.” I’m hoping Chicago in October is much, much colder.


  2. The sun is my enemy in running. Blazing sun will destroy me every time. I’d take cloudy and super humid over slightly cooler with blazing sun any day. I once ran a race in 38 degrees that I felt hot because the sun was out! It’s killer!

    Don’t feel bad about taking extra rest days and “slacking” during this time. Pretty soon you won’t be able to do that for 18 weeks, so enjoy it while you can! It’s actually probably better to go into your training cycle a little undertrained rather than overtrained, so that you have plenty of energy for the long 18 weeks ahead! I know many runners who actually “taper down” in the few weeks before a training cycle for this very reason. It sounds like you’ve maintained a lot of fitness throughout the winter and spring, so don’t be afraid to be generous with down time while you still can!

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    1. It really is killer! The race started 20 minutes late too so I swear it made it even worse going over the bridge staring right into the sunlight. By mile 8 I was over the stupid sun in my face. In hindsight, I should have worn a hat or maybe some sun glasses to help.

      The idea of tapering down before a training cycle makes so much sense! I’m trying to be smart about it. After IT Band issues an tendinitis that kept me out of the running game for a while, I’m overly conscious of injury prevention. The half on Saturday was brutal and I took Sunday/Monday/Tuesday off for it. I’m going to get in my first run today. I’m both excited and dreading the start of marathon training. I’m excited to follow a plan but I’m so scared of not hitting what the plan wants from me. Eeeee.


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