Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly training recap- coming at you late!

Another week full of highs and lows in the books for training. The lows are starting to feel more pronounced than the highs. I keep looking back to where I was in October and dream of feeling that way again. Before the IT band issues, Lana and I were running strong and fast. I was hitting 5k, 10k, half marathon PR’s, and increasing my mileage. I’d give anything to feel that way again. Now I’m struggling with every race distance, my legs feel like crap, I have to stop during almost every run. Mentally, the last few weeks of training have been super hard on me.

I’m still in the base building phase of training for the Chicago Marathon, so I don’t have a specific plan week to week. I run what feels good while trying to slowly increase my mileage and cut back or rest when I need to. I only increased my mileage by 1 mile this week but some of my runs felt great. Hopefully soon I will be able to say that the majority of them felt great.

Monday: The glorious day of rest. My legs were in need of just some tender loving care. I of course did not miss hot yoga at Yoga Den though. I’m thankful for a teacher who listens to our needs and made sure to throw in lots of hip openers when I told her my right hip was giving me trouble.

Tuesday: In the evening on Tuesday I headed out for an easy even run. I did 6.2 miles keeping the pace even and the effort mild. My easy pace has gotten better over the weeks, and my heart rate was staying at a nice and low level. Now if only I could get some of my other runs to feel this good.


Wednesday: I followed the same routine as Tuesday and did a 6.3 mile run with easy even miles, keeping my heart rate down and just trying to cruise steadily.

Thursday: I was thankful that my husband had Thursday off of work. During the day I was able to get in 3.3 easy miles around the neighbor hood as a warm up to the Race The Landing 5k. I absolutely love this race series but with how my races have been going lately, I really didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment yet. I went into the race with the plan of using it as a tempo run starting at Marathon Pace and working my way down to half marathon pace. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t even work either. My calves seized up after roughly a mile and I just focused on finishing.  My finish time was something around 24:06 putting me as 6th female and 1st in my age group. A nice race recap is coming later this week!


The best part of this race though was that my baby girl ran her first kids run! She was so excited and talked about her race all week leading up to it. She did both of the kids runs earning her two medals and a trophy! It no longer mattered to me how I did in my race, seeing her face light up with so much pride and joy made that day. I could have won the 5k and it wouldn’t have given me half as much joy as watching her race.

Friday: I took another much needed rest day on Friday. I’m trying to get myself up to running 6 days a week but not every week is going to be doable for me. I’m trying really hard to maintain a good balance of smart running and smart recovery. So Friday I kept it as a rest day.

Saturday: Saturday morning I got up early and headed to run the bridge. The temperature was really cool and it made me pretty excited for my run. That excitement faded very quickly as I approached the start of the bridge and was hit with some of the strongest headwinds I’ve ever faced. It was a struggle climbing the bridge and my body felt like I was at a standstill. Then when I approached the top of the bridge I was certain I was going to blow off of it. I cruised down East Bay street a little ways before turning around and heading back. I always use the Bridge Run as a chance to get some beautiful pictures as well. What fun is running if you don’t stop and soak in the scenery.



Sunday: Hello hangover. Saturday evening was our version of cinco de maio with our neighbors. We are truly blessed to have some of the most fun people that live in our cul de sac. Us neighbors got together for some pool time, guacamole, and strawberry margaritas. The tequila hit me a little hard and it was not a fun night for me. So Sunday morning when I planned to get up early for my 11 mile run, I slept in a little and dragged myself out of bed. I opted to wait until the afternoon when I felt a little better.

We decided to have a fun family morning downtown with hitting up the pineapple fountain, lunch at Kitchen 208, and then stopping at the aquarium to say hi to the fishes! Once we got home I took a quick nap and then headed out on my run. The morning was chilly but the afternoon was HOT. I only took water with me thinking I wouldn’t need nuun which was a mistake. I survived though. I followed a workout that is in my marathon training plan coming up. I needed a bit of a confidence boost after Thursday. So I did 4 miles warming up negative splitting, then 4 miles at Marathon Pace, then 3 miles of a cool down. It wasn’t the easiest workout for me but I managed. I’m hoping that Marathon Pace starts to feel easy like it did back in October.

I slacked a bit on cross training as well this week, obviously. Trying to juggle all the things that you want to do and having two little ones isn’t always the easiest. I’m hoping that I can get my schedule down a little better so I can incorporate all aspects of training soon.





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