Weekly Training Rundown

Chicago Marathon in T-minus 166 days!

When I was training for the Charleston Marathon I didn’t train smart. There is a reason you don’t see a Charleston Marathon recap anywhere on my blog. I over-trained, too fast, too quick and ended up with some fun IT band issues and tendonitis causing me to have to drop down to the half marathon and run it as a training run. With every set back though comes knowledge. I learned a lot about my body, how it reacts to training, and looking back, I can see mistakes that I made. Although there are days that I want to push harder, I remind myself that the goal is to get to Chicago injury free. I have the all too familiar want to always be pushing my pace and feeling like I’m not going fast enough. There is so much truth though in slowing down, way down, and making sure that easy runs are truly that, easy. So I have focused on bringing the pace of any run that isn’t a strength run down while keeping an eye on my heart rate. The other problem that I faced was that I increased mileage way too quickly without having any cut back weeks. There was a clear problem when I ran a 10k PR on a Saturday and followed it up with an 18 mile training run on Sunday. Big no no for me. So for the second week in a row I kept my mileage the same at 32 miles. I’m more than okay taking a few extra weeks to build up my mileage rather than having extra weeks off because I’m injured again.

Overall it was a good week of training and I’m starting to feel more confident.

Monday: I went out for an easy 4 mile sunrise run. The usual for my Monday mornings, slow, easy, just enjoy the beauty of a Charleston morning sunrise. Later that evening I went to hot yoga to sweat out the stress and get in some good stretching.

Tuesday: This was a rest day for me. Tony went into work a little late because it was daddy-donut day at preschool for Fiona. She made him the cutest necktie with all the “things about my dad.” She was so excited to have daddy at school for a change.


Wednesday: I was really blessed this week that my cousin Bridgette was in town visiting and staying with us. Not only did my girls get to make some sweet memories with their Aunt Bridgette, I got a baby sitter who let me run during the day! Bridgette would watch and play with the girls so I could get my runs done early. Wednesday I did some speed work. It’s been a while since I did a structured speed workout so I kept it simple with 4 x 800. My first 800 was right on point with where I would want it to be. The other 3 were slow, very slow. But this gives me an idea of where I am at right now so I can use it as a base to see progress.


Wednesday evening we were lucky enough to have some of our friends come and watch our girls so we could venture off to Columbia to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. We even got super lucky because on our way there was a call that our tickets were messed up and we were being bumped up to row 5! We had the best seats ever and we had a fantastic time just enjoying one another for a kid free evening.



Thursday: I got to run with Lana on a weekday in the morning. Whoa. This is what I dream life will be like when our kids are in school. We headed out for a 5-6 mile run keeping it light and easy. The heat was brutal though. That Charleston summer sun will do a number on you when you aren’t wearing a hat or bringing along some water. We ended up having to stop in the shade a few times to rest because we were overheating.

Thursday evening Tony’s team at Blackbaud had the Blackbaud box for the Riverdogs game. We packed up the girls for a night of baseball. Fiona loves getting ice cream and playing with the the other kids. Vale was absolutely smitten with Charlie the dog.

Friday: Bridgette & Sarah were sweet enough to take us all out to eat Friday night. We went over to Steele City and sat outside enjoying the sunshine and some beers. After 3 beers I decided it was a good idea to go run and make it a tempo run. Running under the influence apparently makes me faster. I managed a pretty good tempo run for where my body has been at lately, rounding out 5 miles at an average goal marathon pace.


Saturday: Hot and humid again meant that I was going to shed my shirt for this run. I’m not ashamed to run in a sports bra. My body is strong as hell and it also comes with extra skin and stretch marks. Neither of those things means that I need to cover it up though. Another easy run around the neighborhood. Believe me when I say that I wanted to push the pace, but there is no reason to compete with pace on 5 mile run. I need to save all that energy so I can put 110% into my speed work & tempo work.

Sunday: “Long run” with Lana in the morning. Three weeks ago I did a 10 mile run and I decided while building up some more miles that I would cut back my Sunday long run for a few weeks before building it back up again. I was trying to distribute my mileage a little smarter and not putting the bulk of my mileage into one day. This is also a reason why I’ve jumped from running 4-5 days a week to doing 6 days a week. I stopped at 7 miles this week but I have all intentions of going back up to 10 miles next week.


In the afternoon we went over to our friends house for a nice BBQ. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had so much fun playing outside and running around. I fully enjoyed my southwestern salmon burger and grilled peppers. This is what summers in Charleston are all about. Beer, BBQ, friends, and relaxing outdoors.

Overall it was a great week but I did miss my strength training. I’d also like to get to yoga twice a week instead of once. Focusing on these aspects are going to help me get to the starting line injury free so I’m making it a priority for the next week to not miss any of this cross training. I have to remember that it is just as important as the miles I’m putting in.

I hope everyone had a fabulous week as well!





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