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174 days to go and the fear of failure

“If you’re going to face a real challenge it has to be a real challenge. You can’t accomplish anything without the possibility of failure. ”

The above quote is from the Barkley Marathon documentary that is currently on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, I can not recommend it enough. It’s a really great, hilarious, documentary about a crazy 100 mile race in Tennessee. Even if you aren’t a runner, you will absolutely fall in love with this documentary. My husband was entranced by it and we watched it together raving about how crazy it is and how freaking hilarious Laz (the man who runs it) is. Seriously, check it out and then tell me what you think.

This quote resonated with me the first time I watched it. I paused the movie and really thought about it. The second time I watched it with my hubby, I looked at him and said, I really love that quote, it has so much depth to it. Qualifying for Boston is a real challenge and the possibility of failure lingers around every corner. I worry so often about failing after putting it out there what I’m trying to do. It feels like all eyes are on me from those who are cheering me on constantly with hopes that I accomplish my goal, to people who assume I’m going to fail. I won’t lie that the fear of failure with qualifying is something that I think about almost every single day. It’s a feeling that hard to describe. Every run, every workout, every niggle scares me and makes me wonder if I’m dreaming too big. It is that fear that drives me to go take action to do yoga, to weight train, to do my hip strengthening exercises and to really put all my effort into my training. Success wont happen if I take this road lightly, I have to understand what an incredible challenge I’ve placed in front of myself and put 110% of myself into it. but without that risk, without that fear, without that nervousness, the success wouldn’t be as great when it finally happens. Even if I don’t qualify, I will know that I gave it my everything, and that will make me as proud as qualifying.


So lets take a look at the work I put in this week:

Monday: I hit the road early in the morning for 4 easy miles around the neighborhood. Nothing really to focus on and just enjoying the scenery. Many of you know that I love Run, Selfie, Repeat (Kelly Roberts) She’s been doing podcasts lately and they are great to listen to on my runs. She’s truly a running inspiration and I love her perspective on life, our bodies, and running.

Monday night as usual I hit up hot yoga. I am starting to really see a difference in my strength. I’m accomplishing a lot more in class that I couldn’t do a few weeks ago. I wish I could get to yoga every single day, it really does some wonders for my body.

Tuesday: I had a GREAT progression run on Tuesday. My splits were 8:56, 8:38, 8:30ish (I forgot to pause my garmin to fix my shoe) 8:23, 8:00, 7:50. This was a confidence booster of a run because it felt comfortably hard and my legs weren’t tightening up too much on me.

Wednesday: I had a rest day from running and did Body Pump for strength training. I had a 5k race the next day and decided to take it easy on my legs so I had some strength left in them. I was truly hoping that the Bridge Run was just a fluke and I wanted to give this race everything that I had.


Thursday: i5k race. I’ll do a race recap later, although it’s gonna be another bummer of a recap. Ha. Lana met me there and we did a 1.5 mile warm up. The race was short as usual and a bunch of us had distances from 2.8 to 3.0. I got 2.99 as the race distance. I averaged 7:57/ mile I think. The time really doesn’t even matter, it’s more about how I felt during the race, and it was terrible. We got some pizza, beer, and hung out before we went out to log one more mile for the day so that I could end the day at least with 5 miles.


Friday: I was going to get up early in the morning to run but I decided sleep was going to win for the day. I ended up going out in the evening for just an easy 3.3 miles to shake out the tightness in my legs that I felt during my race. My compression sleeves have been getting a lot of work in lately. I’d give anything at this point to just feel like my normal self.

Saturday: I had all intentions of getting up at 7 to go to core yoga at 7:30am but a dog outside kept me up late and I’ve been having a super hard time getting to sleep recently. Lots of tossing and turning meant that I slept in till around 8 am before getting up to start the day with coloring Easter Eggs. My oldest has been so excited for Easter Eggs, she bombarded me the moment I got out of bed.

Saturday afternoon I headed over to Fleet Feet to pick up some gift cards I won and then spend them on some new goodies! After chatting with Lolli, we got some new inserts for my shoes and I bought the cutest running outfit ever! I am straight up in love these DonaJo pants.


I also went out for a nice 6 mile run on Saturday evening. My goal was to do 2 miles easy, 2 miles MP – :10 (7:50 pace) , 2 miles easy. I ended up being just a little faster than target but after 1.5 miles at the MP my legs started to tighten up really bad again. FFS. I’m just going to keep training through it and see if it doesn’t go away in the next couple of weeks. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced in my 4 years of running.

Sunday: Happy Easter Y’all! The “Easter Bunny” got up early to go outside and hide eggs before the munchkins awoke. The girls had so much fun with their Easter goodies and Fiona couldn’t be happier with her scooter. Sidenote: she has wanted one for months, so this comes as a big relief for the entire house. Now she will stop fighting our neighbor for hers, ha.


Later that morning we headed over to Triangle for Easter Brunch. I’ve learned since having kids that I don’t want to cook any meals on holidays. It’s messy, it’s hard, it’s stressful, and it leaves me with even more work to do for the cleanup. Instead, I opt to go out to eat where we can just sit and enjoy family time with out the hassle of cooking or cleaning. Triangle is the perfect place to take the girls to eat outside because they have a cute sand pit with blocks that all the kids can play in while you sit and sip on a delicious bloody Mary.


That evening I headed out for 7 miles once the sun started to set to avoid some of the heat. It’s been getting crazy hot here in Charleston, which I don’t mind but it feels much better when the sun isn’t beating down on my face. I took it nice and easy as my legs are still being weird and super fatigued. The positive is that I got my weekly mileage up above 30 miles this week and I’m still injury free!


Happy Marathon Monday y’all and congratulations to all those running Boston today. Boston 2019 here I come!








3 thoughts on “174 days to go and the fear of failure

  1. It was really warm this week! I had to run at like, noon, on Saturday after volunteering at the Kiawah kids tri and I ran faster just to get out of it. Yuck. I can also tell I am out there in the sun again because I’m starting to get tan from the running and feeling the hot runs later on in the day. We all know it will get worse, but I still think the first few hot days are super hard.

    It stinks that the i5K wasn’t a good feeling run. I hope you get to the bottom of why you’re not feeling well soon. Race results aside, running is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and to be out there hurting and just not feeling well is never fun.

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    1. The first few weeks of the heat in Charleston are so hard. I told myself today that in a month, I’m going to wish it were this cool outside.
      I’m bummed about the i5k too. I went from winning it last year, to having one of my worst 5k times of my life. I hope I can figure out this weird feeling soon. It’s something I’ve just never experienced before, so I don’t really know where to even go from here. I don’t want all of my marathon training to feel this way either. Hoping to get to the bottom of it soon. At least I’m not injured though. I’ll take this weird fatigue feeling over injury any day.


      1. I agree, but illness can be worse than injury. I had severe anemia a few years ago, and I’d take an injury over dealing with that again (it took longer to heal). Thankfully I started out running 31-33 minute 5Ks so I hopefully won’t have any personal worsts unless something goes horribly wrong in a race.

        By the first week of June and that Race the Landing/Flopping 5K, we’re all over the heat and no longer care how slow we’ve gotten from the heat, lol.


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