Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly recap! 187 days and counting…

This week really wasn’t the best when it came to training but it was a fun week with my kids and friends!

Monday – Oh beautiful Mondays. I made sure to focus on one thing at a time on Monday. During Valeries nap I took Fiona outside to play. While she played, I did Body Pump in the garage. I’m really lucky to have an entire home gym equipped with everything that I use in the Gym for these classes as well. A quick youtube search and I had body pump 84 at my fingertips. Later that evening I got in all of my hip strengthening exercises that I’ve been neglecting immensely. I noticed on my long run that my hips were feeling a bit off. That is 100% to blame on me not taking my hip strengthening seriously.

Later that night I got back into my Yoga routine at the Yoga Den. Hot yoga for an hour really helped me with that tight hip. Our instructor also mentioned adding a hot yoga class on Thursdays which is going to help a lot with my schedule. The more I can get my butt into yoga the better!

Tuesday- I decided to focus on some other things on Tuesday including those pesky hips. I ended up doing a yoga routine at home on youtube as well as my hip strengthening exercises. I just couldn’t drag my butt out of bed early enough to get my run in and I had plans Tuesday evening.

Later that night I headed over to my favorite hair stylist so that she could make me all gorgeous before my birthday next week. A little look at the finished product.



Wednesday- I had such a wonderful day on Wednesday. Lana and I took the kids out to the Children’s museum & then we had lunch at Dellz. I have never been before and Lana suggested we go. We had the Jazzy pizza that was topped with so many delicious veggies & spicy sour cream. We split it the pizza between the two of us and we were stuffed. It was also kids eat free with an adult purchase so the kids split a pizza too. We all ate lunch for a total of $20. You can’t beat that!

Lana met up with me later that evening for some really easy mileage. My legs still were sore from Monday’s leg workout and I did not want to push anything. I was saving all of my energy for Saturday so we kept it very, very easy. The sunset was gorgeous and our conversations as always were great. Running with Lana makes the miles go by so freaking fast.


Thursday- In the afternoon I took the girls with me to the Cooper River Bridge Run expo to pick up my bib & race packet. I absolutely love this expo as it is really big and you can get a lot of fun freebies there. I’ve gotten things like socks, coozies, sun glasses, and free drinks! However, taking two children in a gigantic stroller is not the easiest thing. Nobody wants to be patient and give me a few seconds to get out of their way. Instead they feel like walking on top of me and not allowing me to move two steps with the stroller. The kids ended up getting tired of it and we headed home early. Maybe next year I’ll leave the kiddo’s at home and just go solo.


My original plan was to get 4-5 miles in on Thursday but my stomach was really off Thursday night. I thought for sure I was going to vomit for some reason. I ended up taking an epsom salt bath and calling it a night before 9pm. Sometimes our bodies tell us things and we just need to listen. I’m not going to hit the weekly mileage I wanted to this week but I’m not about to vomit while I run to try.

Friday – The kids and I went to the Cooper River Bridge Run Wonderfest that takes place on the Friday before the bridge run every year. We have gone to it 3 years in a row now and it’s always a ton of fun. The kids gets so much free stuff including toys, apples, bananas, apple sauces, hot dogs, water, and milk. As well there are tons of free activities that include jump castles, trampolines, rock wall climbing, a balloon artist, face painting, and other small activities. Here are some of my favorite pictures, Fiona loved her magic wand balloon the best.

Friday evening was spent visiting with a dear friend who moved all the way to Texas on me! Reyna came into town for the Bridge Run and we were able to catch up over dinner at Community Pizza House. CPH has certainly become one of my favorite places to go to as of late. I’m a big fan of their pizzas and their beer. I had the Glitter Pony beer from Lo-Fi, SO GOOD.

Saturday- The Cooper River Bridge Run was on Saturday. A race recap will come in the next week but I did a 1 mile easy warm up with 100m strides x 4. The race went really poorly for me and what I’ve been training for but I’m over feeling bad about it and I’m looking forward to the next race. Tony was at the race with the girls to give me lots of hugs and console me when I was feeling down. I’m really lucky to have a husband who will pack up both children and fight the traffic and 40,000 people of the bridge run to watch me race. After I finished I hung out with a bunch of my friends, including Justine who I haven’t seen in forever.  Lana, JJ, and I went over to Kudu where we met up with Justine for a beer to celebrate finishing the Bridge Run. Having friends to enjoy the day with definitely turned my mood around.


Sunday: In the morning we took the girls to the Flowertown Festival for some fun. We walked the entire festival booths, got the girls a really cute duck toy, ate some delicious food, and soaked in the sun of the beautiful day. This is a really great festival if you are ever in Charleston. I go to sample all the yummy foods like dips & salsas.


I didn’t have too much of a plan for Sunday. I didn’t know how my legs would be feeling after the Bridge Run so I just headed out for some easy miles and would stop when I felt like it. I’m not on any specific training plan right now so I just take it as my body tells me. It was really hot out and I was running by myself so I made it a 5 mile day and called it quits. I finished my run at the gas station across the street and decided to treat myself to a gigantic twix bar. Life is all about balance.



I’m really looking forward to a new week, new month, new races and getting myself to Chicago. I had a lot of great people who called me, texted me, and made sure to remind me that the goal right now is not some local 10k race, it’s to get to Chicago (HEALTHY) and give it my best shot at qualifying for Boston. Thank you to my support system, I love you all.







2 thoughts on “Weekly recap! 187 days and counting…

  1. I read this on the elliptical earlier today and am just getting to respond. So, I already replied to you on FB about the race, but I think it’s awesome you got to share the expo and the kids fest with your girls. No matter what happens in a race, they’re seeing you run and make your health a priority and I think that’s really great. Plus Dellz sounds like a steal for how much food you guys got for $20. I have heard so many good things about it but never been, so it sounds like I need to make it out there.

    I really don’t do hot yoga, but I try to make it to a flow class each week, at least once a week… does so much for me mentally and physically. I think the mental aspects of yoga will help me once I’m able to race more and do tough workouts.

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    1. You would love Dellz! You should definitely go. Lana and I split one pizza and she even had leftovers to take home. (I on the other hand can put away a decent amount of food)

      Yoga has been the best during injury /recovery. Its a great way for me to close my eyes and just reflect or think about where I want to go. I completely agree with you on how much it helps mentally and physically.


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