Weekly Training Rundown

WHOA, we’re under 200 days!

The countdown starts with the number 1 now. 194 days till the Chicago Marathon. Where do the days go? I’m starting to freak out a little about how soon it feels like the Marathon will be here. Someone give me a good mantra to tell myself so that I wont panic for the next 194 days.

My birthday is also next week and I’ll be bumping up to a new age group in running. You might think, “Oh? I’m sure it’s easier to compete with the older groups.” HA. Feel free to go look at any race results for the Female 30-34 age category and you’re going to see the most competitive ladies out there. This might make some people freak out but for me, I’m really excited. I’ll have some of the best ladies out there in my age group pushing me to be my best! The Bridge Run is going to be my last race in my 20s and I hope to make it count!


I’m also not freaking out about turning 30. I’m in the best shape of my life, I have two beautiful girls, the best of friends, a crazy supportive husband, and I’m just really happy with where my life is at. I have no fears about turning 30 at all. I plan to make it my best year yet. To do that, I’m making some “new age resolutions.” You know, like new years resolutions but for birthdays. I’m trying to wash away as much negativity as I possibly can and in order to do that I’ve got 5 tasks at hand.

  1. Stop being a constant people pleaser. I can’t make everyone happy all the time even though I constantly try.
  2.  Allow myself to put my happiness above others
  3. Stop worrying all the time that someone is upset with me. If they are, that’s on them and they can bring it to my attention. I’m done constantly worrying that people are mad at me.
  4. Keep the negative people out of my life. If you don’t serve a purpose in uplifting my life, then I have no room for you in it.
  5.  Allow myself to say YES to the things that I want to do.

I’m going to force myself to slow down and really look at these 5 steps every day when I’m faced with someone or something that’s causing me anxiety or hurting me. It’s important that I let myself enjoy each and every day of my life. These are the things I’ve struggled with so much over most of my life and I’m finally putting my foot down.

I look forward to putting these steps into my every day life and my running life! Now lets take a look at the few but fun runs I got in this week.

Monday: I got up Monday morning with Tucker and we headed across the street to Pocahontas Pancakes for some breakfast before we took off back to our homes. I had some yummy Eggs Benedict Florentine  with hash browns as a good recovery meal from the half marathon. After breakfast we packed up the cars and I had a long 7 hour drive ahead of me. Of course, because it’s my luck, with about 5 minutes left of the drive, my car broke down completely. We had to have it towed to the car dealership and we found out it will be months before it is fixed. yayyyy. 


Tuesday: Additional rest day. I just ran 13 miles at goal Marathon pace and I’m not out here trying to do anything stupid to get myself re-injured. I know better. I did get to have a fun evening with the girls going out for Sushi and drinks at Locals in Mount Pleasant. After the stress of the car being broken down and not getting a rental as quickly as the dealership promised, a beer or two (three)  with some good friends certainly made my evening much better.

Wednesday: So I had planned to run on Wednesday but then Tony had some after work activities and by the time he got home I was already in my pajamas and ready for bed. Life is about balance and I was not upset at all about missing a run.

Thursday: I got in 6 nice and easy miles on Thursday when Tony got home from work. I didn’t push the pace or really focus on anything other than getting some recovery mileage in. Even though it had been since Sunday since I ran, my legs were still feeling tight. I made sure to take a nice epsom salt bath and foam roll a lot. Yes I had a bath cookie. Bath cookies are amazing, and I justify it because the Buff Bake cookies are protein cookies. It’s all about that recovery snack people.


Friday: 4 miles with 2 fast tempo miles. It’s been a while since I got some serious speed in and the half marathon put a little damper on my mood. The race was supposed to be a way for me to get some serious speed in and feel more confidence but we all know how that went. So I decided to really push my legs and give myself some confidence again. I did a 1 mile warm up, pushed out 2 miles at my goal 5k pace of 6:45 min/mile, and a 1 mile cool down. This left me going home super excited. Sometimes you just need to let those legs run hard to remember that the speed is still there and to just trust the process.


Saturday: Rest day. After my speed work the day before, I took it easy and enjoyed some girl time. I went downtown with one of my girlfriends to look for some wedding shoes for her upcoming nuptuals. We had so much fun getting drinks, having dinner at Co, and trying out some makeup at Sephora. It was definitely some much needed down time.


Sunday: Long run Sunday. I needed a change of pace and the weather looked absolutely gorgeous outside. I was sort of limited on when I could go for my run because Tony had a ton of stuff he needed to get done on Sunday. So after I got up, I got dressed and headed to Mount Pleasant. I had 10 miles to do and the best route for that is to start on the Mt. Pleasant side of the bridge, run over the bridge, to the battery and then back again. It was such an amazingly beautiful day and I stopped to take tons of pictures. Something about running that route along the water just does something so good for your soul. On my way down the bridge to the end there was a military guy who was trying to bust past me and race me down the bridge. It was fun and we both gave each other that runners nod and smile that we were sort of seeing who could be one step in front of the other. I gave him a quick little giggle and I took off and let him eat my dust. Don’t underestimate my short legs, I love the saying “I don’t chase boys, I run past them.” He congratulated me at the bottom of the bridge and we both had a good laugh.



Next week: The Cooper River Bridge Run!






4 thoughts on “WHOA, we’re under 200 days!

  1. you are amazing-smart-a great momma and wife-determined-and have a wonderful heart-just keep all that in mind-as for pleasing all and what others think-well I learned that no matter how big your heart is, there are some things we cant change no matter what-sometimes you need to just let go and enjoy what life has given you-so go forward and embraces your life, friends and family who know you and love you for just being you!!!! momma

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  2. Thanks Amy. I had a feeling that Shamrock wasn’t going to be in my favor. I just haven’t raced as hard or as fast since Rock N Roll Savannah and the IT band/Tendinitis issues. I think I’m back to the level of fitness I was before the injury but the only way to tell for sure was to see how well I could do a half. So now I just don’t know where my fitness stands. I guess I’ll find out Saturday at CRBR.
    I’m really glad I got to enjoy the weekend with Tucker and the J&A races certainly don’t disappoint.
    Reading my recaps will get your birthday here super fast! I know you will bounce back and be able to do a half or a full before the year is over. No one bounces back from injuries like the Tiny Terror does!

    Last year after the Bridge run I told Tony that I was going to make it a point to run the bridge twice a month so I could get more practice/hill training in. Plus, I just forget how beautiful and good it is to run over it. I totally neglected that stance and last weekend was my first weekend out there since last year. I feel bad for not utilizing that view/route more often. Hopefully I can stick to that plan this year.


  3. Happy early birthday! I am 34 and keep thinking the same thing about the next age group I’m moving into lol! I’m nowhere near worrying about placing in any age group right now though 😂😂😂

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