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International Womens Day Giveaway!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and being the slacker that I am, I’m a day late in getting this post out.


I’m really, really lucky because I have SO many women in my life that deserve a shout out for International Womens Day. Women who are the most badass mothers, runners, sisters, best friends, a girl could ever ask for. I featured just a handful of them on instagram because if I went through all of them, we’d be here for days.

I think it’s important to celebrate the women past, present, and future who make a difference in both the world and our individual lives. The women who are out there daily inspiring us, motivating us, paving the way for a better future for our children. The women who lift us up, who teach us, who are there for us no matter what.

To celebrate that I’m doing  giveaway over on my Instagram page!! I’m giving away a Momentum Jewelry motivation wrap bracelet! So go over to my page, enter the giveaway, and tag all of those women that you want to celebrate for International Womens Day.





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