Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly Recap- 216 days till Chicago

Monday: Travel day! Monday was the day that I traveled back to Charleston from Nashville. When I got home I was absolutely exhausted and had no intention of getting in any kind of workout. Whoopsie Daisy. But at least I had lots of fun dancing and walking around Nashville. That in itself was a great workout!


Tuesday: Easy mileage day. I headed out after dark with Lana and got in 5.2 miles at a nice easy pace. I didn’t run the entire time I was in Nashville, so I kept it easy for my first run back out there but I was itching for some speed work.

Wednesday: I focused on core work Wednesday by doing planks and a variety of other ab exercises. I didn’t want to push myself and run two days in a row so I just stuck to doing my PT exercises, foam rolling, and the core work.

Thursday: Tempo Day! Woooo for some speed. I was so excited to add in some speed but I also was kind of terrified because I slacked over the weekend with running. For some reason the crazy part of my brain seems to think that if I go a few days without running, I’ll lose all of my fitness in its entirety. I was obviously wrong.

Lately I’ve been doing my tempo miles as just straight miles. I decided to change it up a bit on Thursday with 5 minutes at Tempo, 5  minutes off and do that 4 times for a total of 20 minutes of Tempo time. It actually felt like a pretty easy workout since we had the 5 minutes of active rest in between the tempo paces.

Friday: Rest day. Other than doing some ab work on Friday, I didn’t do a thing. I enjoyed a nice evening in stuffing my face with Tsunami hibachi and Miso soup!

Saturday: I originally planned to hit the track on Saturday but when I got there it was locked up. A part of me was super annoyed and I considered jumping the fence since I feel like the public high school track should be open to the public to use as well. So instead I did my 800’s up and down a nice straight away stretch. My speed work was to do 4 x 800 with 400m recoveries. My goal was to keep them all faster than 3 minutes 30 seconds. It can be daunting to look at speed work or tempo work sometimes because there is always this part of my brain that just assumes I can’t do any of it.

I was stalking my friends that were at the Myrtle Beach Marathon and seeing all of their success. I was so happy for all of them and it drove me to want to push harder so that I can qualify and join them in Boston. I pushed out all of my 800’s faster than the prescribed 3:30 and felt great afterwards. I think next week the plan will be to add on one more 800 and see how that feels. According to the Yasso method, I need to be able to do 10 of them under 3:30 if I want to land a 3:30 marathon time. no pressure. 


Saturday afternoon we headed to my new favorite food truck Dashi to grab some lunch. We picked it up and took it to the playground on Daniel Island that is a Pirate ship themed playground so the girls could get some energy out. I had a shrimp burrito and shrimp steamed bun and it was AMAZING. Y’all need to follow them on instagram and get it when you can. So freaking good.


Sunday: Long run Sunday with Lana. My favorite day of the week, always.  Lana was up for about 6-7 miles, so I started on my own listening to music and cruising a little faster than I should have been. I reminded myself that no injury is worth pushing the pace on a long run. I eased off the pedal, picked up Lana, and we did the Coosaw loop to round out our run. I’m so thankful to have her to keep me going. Truthfully, I may have quit a little early if she wasn’t there to finish out the run. It was a great 10 miles and my average pace come out exactly where I wanted it to be even though I started out a bit fast.

Sunday afternoon we went to Fiona’s favorite for lunch, Panera bread. I get the fuji apple salad with Avocado. Little tip for my vegetarians out there, at Panera, you can sub Avocado as your protein in any sandwich or salad that has chicken in it, at no extra cost! The rest of the day was a bit of a lazy day for me and the kids while Tony headed out to Mt Pleasant to see the new Wolverine movie.


I hope everyone enjoyed their week! What races are you guys training for? I’ll be heading to Virginia Beach in two weeks for the Shamrock Half Marathon to knock Virginia off my list of 50 races in 50 states. I also signed up for the Run Sunset Beach half marathon in North Carolina in May with my friend Penney! Lots of states getting knocked off of my list this year.




4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap- 216 days till Chicago

  1. Looks like a great week… thank you SO MUCH for that tip about Panera salads! I never knew that and have always wanted to try certain salads there but didn’t want to say leave off the chicken but still be paying for the chicken. Plus avocado is really good on salads.


    1. I had no idea either until I asked for no chicken and the cashier let me know that I could substitute something else as my protein and she recommended I do avocado. I’ve been only getting the meditteranean veggie sandwich because it has no meat but now I’ve been getting the other panini’s and just switching the chicken with Avo. Really opened up my ability to order more stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is a huge deal and makes me want to eat panera a lot more. I avoid it because of so many sandwiches featuring meat and now I think i’ll go more often.


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