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I want all the BOXES!

A couple of years ago when I first started out running I was intrigued by this monthly running box. I was still fairly new to all things running and I wanted to try some things out without the embarrassment of going into a store not knowing the difference between a GU and a HUMA. I love getting mail so it seemed like the perfect idea to sign up for this cool running box. Back then Stride Box was the only running box out there and at $15 a month, I was happy to sign up to try out some new cool things each month.

Fast forward to now and I had cancelled my Stride Box back when I got pregnant. I just wasn’t running like I used to and it seemed like a lot of my items were going to waste. Now that I’m back in the running scene again I noticed an advertisement for a different running box on my instagram account. This intrigued me since all I had ever known was Stride Box. Boy was I surprised to find out there are roughly 5 running boxes out there now that range from $15 a month to $50 however I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I want to try them all!

So I’ve set out to try out all the different running boxes, rate them on items, price, and overall fun-ness. (That’s totally a word.)  I’ll preface this too with, none of these were given to me for free, I’m not getting paid for my reviews or anything cool like that. I’ve got 400 followers on instagram, no one is paying me for my opinion 😉

I’ve gotten a few of the boxes so far and did some fun unboxing of them on Instagram stories but I want to go into a little bit more depth of what each box contains, how much the contents are worth vs how much you spend on the box, and how fun the box is with its contents. I think a lot of people out there are enjoying monthly boxes whether they are in the form of clothes, books, makeup, kids toys, or running gear! So let me show you what you could get and which one I think is of most value.



First up: STRIDE BOX! 

Cost: $15 a month (includes shipping)

February Box Contents:

  1. Buff Bake Protein Cookie
  2. Spring Energy Gel 
  3. Honey Stinger Waffle 
  4. Hyper Go Sport wipe 
  5. Surface SPF Lip balm 
  6. Stridebox recovery Massager


Total Price of contents:  about $18


As you can see there is some value in the box this month as you’re saving $3 by getting the box over buying each item individually. I was really excited to see the Buff Bake cookie in there because I love everything from Buff Bake, specifically this birthday cake almond butter!

The wipes are great, I throw them in my running bag each time I get one so I can use them after races.

The Lip balm likely will go unused by me. I’m not big on chap sticks but my husband uses them a lot, so I know someone in our house will get good use out of it.

I’ve had honey stinger waffles before and they are delicious. For running though, I actually prefer their organic energy chews  that contain caffeine in them. It helps me get my boost of energy without having to have soda since I don’t drink coffee.  But this waffle will serve as a delicious afternoon or post run snack.

Lastly the massage roller is actually really cool. I’m a foam rolling junky though so I won’t use it a ton but I have been putting it under my feet when I’m sitting on the couch and rolling my arches back and forth on it. My 1 year old also really enjoys playing with it, dual purpose!


Stay tuned in a few days for a review on another running box!


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