Things I love: February edition

Blue Apron

I’m pretty much obsessed with Blue Apron and it’s a complete shock to me. I tried it out because a friend had a free week that she could send me, so I gave it a chance. Now we get it at least twice a month. My favorite reasons for getting it:

  1. I’ve tried food I’ve never cooked before. We’ve tried different types of fish, different vegetables, and foods I’ve never had a chance to cook before. It’s really fun to get to explore new foods and have a step by step instructions on how to cook it right.
  2. It turns into a date night. When you have two kids, date nights are almost impossible. When we do Blue Apron meals, we wait till the girls are in bed and cook together. The instructions make it super easy for Tony and I to just chop and cook away with out the constant “what do I need to do next.” We’re able to converse, drink our wine, and enjoy some alone time together.
  3. It makes my life a little easier. We are creatures of habit who eat out on the weekends. So really, I only need to cook for 4-5 nights out of the week. When 3 of my meals are planned for me, then I only need to worry about 1-2 others. I love that it adds variety and I don’t have to stress about what I’m going to get at the grocery store.
  4. I have no leftovers and lots of food going to waste. If a recipe calls for 3 carrots, all you get is 3 carrots. Gone are the days where I used 1 celery stalk in a recipe and then had to try and figure out what to do with the rest of the celery. Tony doesn’t take leftovers to work often anyways, so this helps keep my waste down.

I know this sounds like a plug for Blue Apron but really, they aren’t paying me and probably never going to see this review. If you’ve ever wanted to give it a try, let me know, I have some codes for 1 free week. You do have to put in your credit card information because they will start charging you weekly for the subscription if you don’t cancel it after your free week ships. The really nice part about Blue Apron is you can skip weeks and not be charged. So when we are going out of town or I know we have guests, I can just skip a week without worry.


Family Vacations: 

This month my family took their first vacation since July. We decided to surprise our kids with a quick trip to Disney World. My 4 year old completely understands what Disney is and who lives there. I think for the last month she has started her day with “Mommy, do you know who lives at Disney World?” We looked at pictures from when my husband and I went ten years ago and she was so jealous when she saw pictures of us with characters like Minnie Mouse. “Mommy, when I get big, can I go there too?” Little did she know we already had such a fun trip planned for her.


Valentines morning we took off on the 6 hour ride and told her we were going somewhere super special for breakfast for Valentines. She bought it. As we pulled in to Disney, she started to see the characters on the signs and I said “hey Fiona, do you know where we are?” It didn’t take her long to put it all together and figure out we were at Disney.

Watching my daughters face light up every time she met a new princess or rode a new ride, is something that will forever live in my mind. I’ve gone to Disney at least 10 times in my life and this trip was the most magical, by far. She was picked to be in shows, she got hugs from all of her favorites, and we got to enjoy some much needed family time.


Asics Gel Nimbus shoes: 

I’ve actually been running in a pair of gel nimbus for a while through my rotation. I need some extra cushion for long runs so they have been getting me through anything 7 miles or more. I can tell that the pair I’ve been wearing is starting to come to the end of their life so I hit up Running Warehouse to buy a new pair.

Let me throw in a disclaimer here. Normally I buy my running shoes from my favorite local shop Fleet Feet and I still will recommend to everyone to go there and get fitted properly for shoes. I do this anytime I want to try out a new pair or am just eager to change things up. In this case, I already knew what I needed and what size I needed them in. Top that off with a discount code I got from Running Warehouse and I couldn’t turn down the discount I could get on the shoes. What that means is that with the extra money I saved, I can hop over to Fleet Feet to purchase some fun stuff like that cool new Pod for my shoes!


Now I need you all to see how freaking sweet these shoes are. All over is this cool comic design with things like “Tempo” “10k” “26.2” “marathon” “zoom”. If these shoes don’t lift me to a BQ at Chicago, I don’t know what will! These shoes fit so soft and so comfortable. They are a little bit heavier because they are more for cushion and support but they will treat your tootsies right on those long days.


Not only did I make the trip to Disney this month, I also got to explore Nashville for the first time ever. I headed out for a long girls weekend to celebrate one of my closest friends Bachelorette party. I could do an entire post on Nashville but I’ll condense it down to the fun highlights.


The food is superb! Shrimp & Gouda grits  at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum was probably the best meal that I had hands down. I even got to eat them while watching a fun drag show and sipping on some yummy Mimosas.

There is a reason Tootsies is famous, it’s HELLA fun. We spent a good portion of our evening dancing near the stage rocking out to some old school jams like Backstreet boys as well as some good country tunes. I really could have danced there all night long.


We capped off our weekend with a fancy dinner at 5th and Taylor that was out of this world. When your dessert sizzles, you know it’s going to be super good. I can’t wait to get back to Nashville again.





3 thoughts on “Things I love: February edition

  1. All your Disney pictures look like you guys had a wonderful time. I love that you surprised the kids with it too, not telling them! Also love your new shoes even though the Nimbus are a bit heavy for me (they are quite comfy though!). Like you, I’m all about getting fitted but once you know the shoes you need, you know the shoes you need. I buy most of my shoes at Running Warehouse due to the discount code and the free 2-day shipping (I can get them delivered faster than I could get to a running store). You can get some major deals on that site, not just shoes but that code works on apparel too and they have some cute stuff. The free return option is good too, as I’ve had to send a pair or two back when they didn’t work for me.

    Glad everything is working out for you and you’ve had such an exciting month. I know you were really down with the ITBS and even though you’re not running and racing as much, it looks like you’re overall happy and having a great life… and that’s what matters <3.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amy! Running Warehouse really is a great site when you know what you need.

      I’m glad the ITBS has passed and I’m able to run more now. I’m just doing some base mileage work and laying low on the racing. I’m trying to stay focused more on Chicago and less on the small races. Although I keep seeing all of my favorite races pop up for registration and its taking a lot of effort for me not to sign up for all of them.

      I know you’re dealing with the ankle and I’m so sorry. I know you saw my posts when I was depressed and not running with the IT band issues, just know that you are not alone. If there is anything I’m certain of, it’s that you’ll be back out there in no time and you’ll end up stronger from this! <>

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      1. To be honest, you’re not missing much with local races lately. I did the Jan. 1 and the Charlie Post, but I’ve run those courses so many times that I’m just tired of it. I never even get a shirt that fits. Charlie Post ran out of food. I’m planning on the Savannah Women’s race and glad I got picked as an ambassador, one reason why I wanted to do that one is because I never have and at least that would be running somewhere new. That’s also why I signed up for MB.

        I wish we had different races around here. I do it to be with friends and practice before “big” races, but I get jealous reading Tia’s blog about all the fun races they have in Arkansas and seeing some in Greenville, in NC, etc.


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