Weekly Training Rundown

Chicago T-minus 244 days!

Every week I’m looking for pictures of previous years of the Chicago Marathon to keep me hyped up! Take a look at those spectators as you head into Chinatown!


Monday: I’m going to be really real with you guys, I did none of the things on Monday. I ate food, I binge watched some TV, and I went to bed super early. Life is about balance and Monday was about balancing Netflix and my stretchy pants.

Tuesday: While Fiona was at school Tuesday morning, I took Valerie downtown for a nice walk around King Street. Mainly because I had completed a challenge on Strava that qualified me for some free LuLulemon clothes. Normally I would never step foot in this store because I’m not rich, but when free clothes are up for grabs, I’m in! I refrained from looking around too much because I knew it would just lead me to spend money I shouldn’t be, so I grabbed my free shirt and headed on my way. It’s a really nice black shirt that will match all of my running shorts and at retail price of $68, I can’t argue with getting it for free. I hope Strava keeps up with these challenges because it’s great for stores to get new business, just look at me, I didn’t even know where the store was located downtown. and it gives us runners some fun challenges that actual amount to something other than a silly badge on our profile.

Tuesday night was speed work with Lana. 1 mile warm up, 5 x .25 with 2 minute recoveries, and a cool down to bring the total to 5.2 miles. This is the same workout that I did last week but having Lana with me makes me work even harder. It helps so much to have a partner during speed work because it makes it suck just a little less. My sprints were faster this week than they were last week and gave me a little glimmer of hope. I’m finally busting through past my goal 5k pace and it feels good to see those numbers again. My legs felt loose and warm the entire time we were running, it was my lungs that felt like they were going to explode.

Wednesday: Since dealing with the knee injury I promised to take a day off after hard workouts. Yesterdays workout may not seem like a lot to some but for me those repeats are only the second time in months that I’ve done speed work. I was happy to focus on doing my BBG leg workout for the day and hitting up yoga in the evening. During Valerie’s nap I took Fiona outside, opened up the garage which has my home gym in it, and we played chalk, listened to music, and I cranked out an intense leg workout for about an hour. The sun was shining and I was thankful to live in Charleston, where I have the ability to workout outside in February.

Later that night I went next door to the Yoga Den for hot yoga. I’m starting to really see a difference in my poses and my flexibility. I’m loving how my body is feeling when I’m done with yoga. I will admit though that class ran until 8:45pm and I was totally almost asleep on my mat at the end of class. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me, I swear.


Thursday: I spent my afternoon outside with Fiona again while Valerie napped. Since she isn’t sleeping very well at night, she managed a three hour nap this afternoon. This left me some time to go out with Fiona and do some core work in the yard. Another beautiful day here in Charleston meant I could work out in shorts and a tank top and still break a sweat.

On schedule for the evening was a tempo run. Lana and I headed out with a one mile warm up, 3 miles of tempo, and 1 mile cool down. I absolutely regretted doing leg day the day before. My left leg felt loose, light, easy and my right leg felt like a brick being dragged behind me. It ruined what could have been a really good run because the first tempo mile was great. After hitting the halfway mark of tempo time, I could not keep my right leg up with the rest of my body. My lungs felt good, my feet felt good, my entire left side of my body felt good, it was only my right thigh/hamstring that was dead weight. Overall though all 3 tempo miles were faster than goal marathon pace, so I’ll call that a win for the night. A mile cool down put the total for the day at 5 miles. A nice hot epsom salt bath awaited me for the night to try and ease the tightness in that right leg.

Friday: The weather here in Charleston is just perfect right now. Friday afternoon I took the girls to the playground to get out some of their crazies. My kids were blessed with double the amount of energy that I have which means they need to be outside playing for a good portion of the day if I want bed time to go in my favor.


As for me, my legs were hurting pretty bad. It was just some soreness still from the intense leg day and it hurt to massage them so I called it a rest day. Normally  I would have done a HIIT workout or some abs but I could barely sit/stand without yelping due to soreness.  So I just enjoyed a nice evening with a bowl of Birthday Cake Halo Top ice cream and playing video games with the hubster.

Saturday: I always have grand intentions of getting to core yoga at 7:30 am and it never happens. Either its my day to sleep in and I don’t want to get out of bed or it’s my morning to wake up early with the girls. This morning was my turn to sleep in and although I was awake, I just laid in bed peacefully while I heard little screams and tantrums happening in the living room.  Instead I did a nice yoga video at home to compensate some core work. I’m trying hard to be more diligent about core strength as I know what a better runner I could be if I had a stronger core.

I did a nice easy 6 mile run Saturday afternoon. It’s honestly refreshing that I don’t have to be up at the butt crack of dawn in order to get my run in without melting on the pavement. Over the summer Lana and I would be up and out the door before 7 am and even then it would be a sweat fest. Now I can sleep in, run in the afternoon cool breeze, and not be dying by the end of my run. I got to try out my new shoes on this run and I’m completely obsessed. The weather was still a bit chilly and the wind made for cold hands but I didn’t focus on pace at all or look at my watch. I ended up doing some negative splits even though it wasn’t feeling any harder on my body. Eyes are focused on Chicago and it’s really getting me motivated to see my paces dropping again.


Saturday evening was our annual wrap up party for the fantasy football league that I am the commissioner of here in Charleston. Every year we have an end of the season party at a restaurant where we drink, eat, shit talk each other on how awful we (I) did, and we hand out the trophies. We’ve got a really fun trophy for the winner and a pretty toilet seat for the loser. I have been LOVING Community Pizza House lately so we decided to have our party there this year. Although I forgot to snap a picture, I had a really yummy grilled portabella & goat cheese sandwich!

Sunday: Saturday afternoon I thought it was going to be me running a solo 9 miles and I already started dreading it until I got that lovely text from Lana saying she could join me! PHEW sigh of relief. 9 super easy miles for my long run with her by my side makes it go by so much faster. I have so many people ask me how to go farther distances and my biggest piece of advice is to find someone to run with. You don’t necessarily have to have a training partner like I do but find a local running group to join. Our local Fleet Feet stores have group runs and we have Charleston Running Club as well as a few others that do long runs on Sundays as well as group runs during the week. When you are surrounded by positivity, people to talk to, and someone to hold you accountable for what you are trying to accomplish, it is 1000 times easier to do it.

Sunday evening was filled with lots of football in our house. We hosted a super bowl party that was filled with delicious food, fun games, and great friends. I ate far too much food but it was well worth it. I made some home made pretzel bites, deviled eggs, and pizza sliders. Of course I was so excited to start eating and watching the game, I neglected to take some pictures. Whoopsi.

I hope everyone enjoyed their week too! Sorry Falcons fans 😦




2 thoughts on “Chicago T-minus 244 days!

  1. I get it with the late yoga classes… the one I do on Tuesdays is at 7 PM. It lasts until 8, then it’s a 15-20 minute drive home. It is a nice way to relax before bed (it’s a deep stretch class so not a ton of movement). Looks like you got some solid workouts in this week and some other fun stuff. The weather has been gorgeous for it and with the days getting longer, it is nice to run in the afternoons again!

    Community Pizza House is the best… haven’t heard of that sandwich but I guess I need to try that the next time I go there. We really enjoyed the pizzas we had and it would be a fun place for a party or to have cater a party.

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    1. I have been loving this charleston weather. It makes it nice where I can run while Valerie is napping in the afternoon and its not swealtering outside.

      The sandwich I got was brand new. The chef came and asked me after how it was since no one had ordered it yet. Their pizza’s are super good too. It’s becoming an absolute favorite of mine. They are fast with food too which helps when we have the kids along and they get restless sitting around waiting to eat.


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