Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly Recap! 251 days until Chicago

251 days until Chicago. How is it possible for a number to seem so big, yet so small all at the same time! I’ve been keeping my race registrations to a minimum lately because I have bigger goals at hand and when I race every weekend, I tend to wear myself out and get hurt. It also messes with my training plan. Although, I really do miss racing every weekend, I just keep telling myself what the end game is and how proud I’ll be when I get there.

End game! 

This was a good week for me as I introduced back into my routine speed work. My body certainly wasn’t quite adjusted yet to running hard but I’m proud that my body, and my knee, stood up to the challenge.

Monday: I kept up with routine and went to hot yoga at Yoga Den studio Monday night. I kept my intention the same as last week “Boston.” My hips have been extremely tight as of late and it felt so good to get in yoga to release some of that tension. I think it may also be time for me to schedule an appointment at the Chiro to get adjusted.

Tuesday: Speed work! I’ll start off by saying that it wasn’t pretty but I did it. I did a 1 mile warm up which already felt hard to me so I wondered where I was going to pull speed work out of. Sometimes I will let my mind wander off to tell me I’m not capable and I am trying to turn that part of my brain off. I’ll never make it to Boston if my mind tells me I can’t. So I took off for 5 x .25 with 2 minute recoveries. I was right on track with my sprints alhough it felt like I had just raced a half marathon. I finished with a nice and easy cool down. I also came across my pictures from the Charleston Half Marathon. Last year you’ll remember the notorious “pig face” picture they got of me. This year I got two pretty cool ones of me on Facebook Live crossing the finish line and smiling at the Camera. I like them but certainly not enough to pay the outrageous prices to purchase them.

Wednesday: BBG Leg day. Normally I would hit up yoga on Wednesday nights but Tony got home late from work and the girls were having a hard time getting to bed.  So instead I did a fun HIIT workout in the living room from PopSugar Fitness Youtube page and got a great sweat in. Sometimes it’s fun to change up the routine.

Thursday: Arms + Abs. I usually use Thursday as a Tempo day but by the time Tony got home from work it was super dark out and I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

Friday: Tempo run day. I kept my tempo run the same again this week with just a simple 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at tempo, and 1 mile cool down. I managed to get my tempo miles to half marathon pace finally which was a great boost of confidence. I’m slowly, very slowly, seeing my speed come back to me. The sun was also shining so bright, which somehow always lifts my spirits when I’m running. Then Friday night I met up with some of my friends to have a happy hour special at Wasabi. I forgot to take pictures but the Tuna pizza is out of this world delicious. I highly recommend it!


Saturday: Easy 5 mile run. This was just a recovery run from Tempo day. I just went out without looking at my watch and ran based on feel. Surprisingly my mile splits were getting faster without much extra effort. We spent our afternoon with our monthly Sam’s club run and lunch at Panera bread.


Sunday: Sunday morning we headed to Halls Chophouse for Brunch with two of our friends. Our friend Tom was celebrating his 30th birthday and what better way to celebrate than with Halls! We got a mimosa bar for the table that was stocked with Pomegranate, Orange, and Peach juices. I had the French Toast with a side of the hashbrowns for my meal. Of course it’s not a trip to Halls without some shots. Our waiter brought us over complimentary brunch shots that tasted like sorbet! After our meal, we were kindly presented with complimentary dessert as well which was 3 types of ice cream and 3 home made cookies. I was in a sugar coma to say the least but it was AMAZING. After we came home, I changed and headed out with Lana for our “long” run of 8 miles. We took it extremely easy and just enjoyed our chat. I needed to burn off all those brunch calories!

I’m really happy with how this week went. 1 tempo, 1 speed, a long run, and some easy runs all thrown in there. My mileage might not be as high as I would like it to be but as long as I’m staying injury free, I’m happy to build back my mileage slowly.  Hopefully another strong week lies ahead!






4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap! 251 days until Chicago

  1. Glad to hear you are back in the swing of things!!!! You will find that your speed will come back quicker than what you expect but probably not as quick as you want, lol!!
    I’m excited to follow you along your journey to Chicago!
    And yes next time you want to do sawmil trails please drag me along! Email, call or text!
    615 six five three 1100

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  2. I’m glad you had a good week of training with some running, yoga, and strength training. I love yoga lately- it has helped me so much with recovery but also the mental aspects of running and… life. I went so long without being injured, then got injured, and it made me realize that sometimes it’s nice to just slow down and be less Type A+.

    Hall’s sounds incredible! We’ve never been there. I know it’s pricey and fancy but I kinda want to go one day for brunch just to say I had the experience. Seems like the service is out of this world and a great place to celebrate birthdays.

    I’ve only bought maybe two race pictures ever. Mine are always so horrible. The pictures that I get from random friends cell phones are much better. I will say that “Tag My Pix” or whoever does a pretty good job for free…

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    1. Yoga has been very good for me too. It fills in the nights that I’m not running which is nice so that I’m not just sitting around the house stuffing my face. haha.

      Hall’s is absolutely a must do! We go maybe 1 or 2 times a year. It usually costs us about $100-$200 when we go because we totally splurge. We buy alcoholic drinks, we get desserts, we get coffee at the end of the meal etc. You could go and just have a meal and it not be nearly as expensive as what we drop when we go. The service is beyond amazing. The times we have gone for dinner, Billy Hall has personally come to our table to hug us, ask us what we are celebrating, delivering shots to the birthday boy/girl. I was pregnant once and got double complimentary desserts for my birthday since I couldn’t do birthday shots. That restaurant has the best service I’ve ever experienced.

      As for race pictures, I always buy Brian’s because his make me look like I’m some kind of professional runner out there. I loved the Tag My Pix guys though. They got some great shots at James Island and IOP races.

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