Weekly Training Rundown

Another week in the books!

Sometimes I wonder if I should label my weekly recaps with something like a date or what week I’m in a certain training program. However, I’m not always in a the midst of a training program. Take right now for example, I’ve written out what I want to do each week from here until the Chicago Marathon but right now is all about base building. It doesn’t come from any specific plan, it’s just me trying to take my time building my base back up from my injury.

Maybe we should have a countdown to Chicago? There are officially 265 days until the Chicago Marathon. That seems so far away but I know how quickly those things can sneak up on you. I’m making sure every single day, I wake up with an intention that directly relates to my goals for Chicago. I want to make every single day matter and the best form of motivation is to look at your goal and ask yourself “what can I accomplish today that will help me reach my future goal.” So with that intention at hand, I kicked butt for another week.

Monday: Hot Yoga + IT band rehab. Lana joined me for some Yoga at Yoga Den Monday night and it was a killer workout. If you think burpees are hard, you should try yoga burpees. A great sweaty workout, opening up my hip flexors, and strengthening my muscles to make my IT band quit hating me.

Tuesday: BBG Week 2 Legs: I still get nervous doing jump squats, reverse raised lunges because there is a tiny voice in the back of my mind that thinks it’s going to hurt my knees. I also got in a very easy 4 mile run. It was super dark out, so I kept myself from looking at my watch. I ran solely based on feel and managed a nice easy pace. Hopefully I can see my “easy pace” drop a little in the weeks to come.

After my run I headed to Massage Envy for my monthly massage. I wish I could go more than once a month but I’m not rich over here. I look forward to those 90 minutes all month long. It was no surprise when I left that my massage therapist let me know that my right leg is crazy tight. It seems like I need to hit the foam roller just a bit more on that side for a while

Wednesday: BBG arms & abs week 2 was killer! I may not be able to do it at the same level I can do leg day but I’ll hopefully get there. A strong core and strong arms will certainly help me run better. I just try to keep my mantra “Chicago, Boston” in my head when my triceps are screaming. Another beautiful evening of hot yoga as well. Our instructor told us to come up with a 1 word intention before class started. Something to come back to when your mind started to wander. Suggestions were strength and flexibility. The first word that came to mind was “Chicago.” I practiced my heart out and allowed my body to recover from a full week of running. There was also lots of foam rolling for the day.

Thursday: I had every intention of getting up at 6am to start the day on the right foot by running early. With all these activities, my evenings have been spent cross training or running and that has left very little time for the hubby and I to talk or watch TV together. Training is very important to me, I treat it like my job but I don’t want it to consume my life where I put my marriage to the side. Although, I’m sure Tony doesn’t mind his evenings spent playing Diablo without me nagging him. However, it was one of those rough nights with Valerie, where she was up almost every single hour and I just couldn’t grudge myself out of bed any earlier than absolutely necessary. Which just so happened to be when Tony yelled from her room to tell me she took her poopy diaper off and stepped in it and there was a mess everywhere. So I hit up 4.5 miles in the evening with Lana. It was a nice easy pace that we just rolled with how we felt. We’re getting back there slowly but surely.

Friday: Rest day. I spent Friday doing my IT Band rehab routine and foam rolling. I knew that I had 13 miles coming the next day so I wanted to prep my limbs as best as I could. I checked out the race expo to pick up my bib, shirt, and some goodies with my girls. They were so good and loved the apples they got!

Saturday: Charleston Half Marathon  13.1 miles – 1:51:04  I treated this as a training run and not as a race. I’m not ready to race just yet. I went a little faster than my long run routes but it felt good and easy. I can’t wait to write the recap for this race, it was absolutely so much fun! I took tons of pictures, high fived everyone possible, and even went live on Facebook.

Sunday: Yoga, rest, and recovery!


This was a good, pain free week. I’m excited for things to come but I’m not going to lose sight of recovery. Yoga twice a week, IT band rehab at least three times a week, and plenty of strength training. I will be a stronger, faster, happier runner by the end of this year. Mark my words, I’m coming for that BQ.




PS I know I slacked on pictures this week. I promise to do better moving forward.



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