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A Runners Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas I feel like there are people who are super easy to shop for and then there are the difficult people to shop for. My mom is someone who I could go out and find 10 things today to easily give her as Christmas gifts that I know she would love. My father on the other hand took me all the way up till the week before Christmas to find a gift that was all the way out west to have shipped to his door. (Elk steaks, I ordered him fancy Elk Steaks) I like to get gifts that are very personalized to each individual. I pride myself on taking the time to find unique gifts that I think my loved ones will truly enjoy. Then there is me. If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I’m a pain in the ass to shop for, however, I disagree. Buy me anything, literally anything, related to running and I’m going to be a very, very happy girl.


As you would guess most of my friends and family got me some awesome running gifts. Even my hubby figured out how to win over my runners heart. I couldn’t wait to share with everyone the things that I got because I’ve tested them all out and seriously, you all need to get your hands on these items. No joke, this Christmas gave me some of the best runners items I’ve ever had.

Present#1: Addaday Echo Oscillator Roller – You guys,  this is the KEY to my IT band healing. I’m not even slightly kidding. I am in no way paid by Addaday to promote their products but how much I rave about it will make you think I’m their spokesperson. I have been dying to try it out since I first saw them post that it was “coming soon.”  It’s AMAZING. There are three different levels of vibrations and if you want even more cushioning, it fits right into other foam rollers. I have the Triggerpoint foam roller and this fights right in it beautifully. But to be honest, I don’t want it in the other ones. This isn’t a soft, barely noticeable vibration either. If you put this thing on the floor while it’s on, it will bounce across the room. That is how intense the vibrations are. I wish I could take a video to show the level of vibration that comes from it. I have been rolling it on my IT band at the low and high intensity vibrations and my leg feels amazing. I rolled my thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and IT band and I’m just in awe of how great it feels. I’ve been to PT, to the Chiro, to the Ortho and more to get the this IT band issue under control and after 10 minutes on this thing, I knew it made a world of difference. It’s not cheap BUT I’ve always said that you can’t put a price tag on being injury free. If any of my friends want to try mine out, I’m happy to borrow it. Its really hard to explain how amazing it makes you feel until you’ve tried it.


Present #2: Medal Hangers –  “And though she be but little.. she is fierce”. My great friend Christi got this for me for Christmas. She must have noticed that my other medal hanger was over flowing. I’m obsessed with this. The quality of the medal hanger is great. It really feels super durable and it comes with clips you can use to keep the medals separated. I love that I’ve hung it up and the color of my wall behind it pops through. It’s absolutely gorgeous. If you check out their website they have a ton of different options as well as customized medal hangers. Though, I thought this one fit me perfectly since I’m a barely 5 foot runner who likes to give the tall men a run for their money at races.


Present #3: Oiselle outfit! – My god I have never felt anything so soft in my life. I’ve never purchased any Oiselle for myself because I’m cheap. Normally I’ll just go to the sale rack at Target to get my running clothes. I put a pair of Oiselle pants on my Amazon wish list and wouldn’t you know my sweet Mother-in-law got them for me. Once I received the pants, I had to get the matching sports bra to go with it. These are by far the softest running clothes I’ve ever felt. I wore the sports bra around the house one day during the holiday relaxing and it’s just so light and comfy. It’s unlike most sports wear as it almost doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a piece of workout clothing. Of course then there happened to be a sale on Amazon of lots of Oiselle clothes and I may have gone a little overboard in purchasing multiple bras, pants, and tank tops. whoops. 


Present#4: Running accessories- The hubby stuffed my stocking with lots of little runner goodies. As well, my parents and my in-laws got me some cute little runners items too!


sweaty band – I got this gorgeous Sweaty Band in my stocking. If you haven’t seen from my running pictures, I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweaty bands. They are one of the few headbands I’ve ever worn that don’t move when I’m running. I love all their styles and the black sparkles is one that I can wear with almost any outfit.

Body Glide for Her– I have normally purchased the regular blue stick of body glide. Hubby got me the pretty pink body glide for her that has extra moisturizer in it. I tried it out for my runs this week and it works just as good as the blue stick. I’m not sure if it gives me any extra moisturizer as most runners have gross feet and we will never know what soft silky feet are like ever again. I do like that this is a small travel size, which fits nicely in my purse to take with me to pub runs, or in my gym back for when I hit up the destination races.

KT Tape– I’ve been dying for some KT tape. I was lucky enough to get some from my in-laws for Christmas. I let a few people at races and at race expo’s tape my knee up for me. The last time I had it done, I was able to race a 5k pain free. Now, granted, I can’t promise that the reason I ran pain free was from the KT tape but if something happens to work, I’m going to roll with it. I got this box of uncut tape that can be worn for multiple days at a time. 2017 is my year to run injury free and I’m so pumped that I have KT tape to help me along the way.

Triggerpoint ball- It’s no surprise to anyone that I’ve been dealing with IT band issues leading to knee pain. I’ve also been told that I’ve got tight hips, tight glutes, and tendinitis pretty bad. This little ball allows for me to just sit down, put it in the spot I need it, and gently roll it in the area that needs attention. Unlike a big bulky foam roller, this little ball gets into all the tiny spots that I need it to. I’m all about rehab and pre-hab this year when it comes to running, so I was so happy when I got this to add to my collection of ways to help ward off injuries and get my legs feeling fresh.

Trail Heads head band– This one is so unbelievably soft and has a hole for my pony tail. Although I live in the south and it doesn’t get cold down here too often, I’m still a whimp. I wore a head band that covered my ears for the Kiawah Island Half Marathon. This one is pretty light weight and allows for my ear buds to stay in place as well while it’s sitting on top of it.

Present #5- Old Navy outfit + Marathon shirt- My sister outdid herself with this shirt. She knows I’m trying so hard to complete a marathon and qualify to run Boston. This injury really set me back in my training and has pushed out the goal marathon race almost a year. I almost broke down in tears when I saw this “Believe” tank top that has the numbers 26.2 (the length of a marathon) inside of it. To top it all off, she got be the cutest pair of pants from Old navy to wear with it. They have pieces of sheer material that just look down right bad ass. Nothing picks me up more than seeing how much my sister believes in me.


Present #6 -Marathon training books- I am not a big reader. I should say, I never read. Ever.  However, if you put a training book in front of me about running, I’ll finish it in a day. I’ve had a few running books so far and I’ll get out a pen and go through writing notes, writing times and paces, and really analyzing the training plans.I was super lucky to get the Runner’s world big book of marathon and half marathon training book as well as Hansons Marathon Method this Christmas. I’m super excited to dig into these and come up with the best plan for myself to get me to that 3:30 in Chicago come October.



I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year and has a happy new year! Let me know what awesome running gear you got for Christmas! It’s never to early for me to start next years wishlist, ha.





9 thoughts on “A Runners Christmas!

  1. That Addaday roller looks awesome! I’d love to try it out- I’ll bring me roll recovery R8 and let you try it too. It helped my IT band issues a lot and was good for travelling, plus Clay uses it so it was a great investment for both of us. Your medal hanger is awesome too, love that it has multiple racks so it should last you a lot of races.

    The best thing I got for Christmas was money so I can register for races. Normally I get a lot of useless stuff like purses (I had the same purse for over 3 years… somehow my in laws never noticed that I never change purses), but this year everyone was smart and just gave me cash!


    1. Cash is a safe bet always! Tony and I have an amazon wish list that our families will look at and purchase from to make it easy. You can add things to it that aren’t on amazon either. I’ll bring my Addaday to the new years run so you can try it out! 🙂


      1. On Christmas day, we mentioned buying from Amazon and had a family member ask where it was located, haha. I’ll be there Sunday… Doing something resembling a tempo.


      2. haha! That is hilarious about the Amazon thing. I’ll be doing something resembling a runner who took off like 6 weeks of running and speedwork. My speed/lungs are shot. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose progress. But this is the part where I start over. I just keep reminding myself that it wont take long for it to hopefully come back.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey, at least you have the guts to get back out there and run a race. Way too many people who get hurt don’t… they just stop running or stop races. Plus, it’s race the landing… a bit more relaxed than other races… and it will be your longest and fastest run of 2017 so far ;).

        Liked by 1 person

      4. haha, I started 2017 off with a DNS. One too many cocktails last night…. at least my year can only go up from here. ha


      5. LOL, I ran my slowest 5K of 2017 ;). That was the general consensus after the race for everyone, too. I didn’t hear anyone say they had a good finish time.


  2. I need that roller!!! I have that brand of hanger…it’s great! Oiselle is very nice and I like the shirt your sister got you! I have that trigger point ball and it is a amazing! Try this with it: set it on a yoga block, sit on the ball…whichever side of your butt you are sitting on it …cross that leg over the other leg above the knee….ouch piriformis!!! 😀😊😁


    1. It’s amazing! You will absolutely love that roller. I even turned it on light and sat with it behind my back on the couch, it felt so good. I’ll definitely try out your suggestion with the trigger ball!


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