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Running life and a bum knee

You may have noticed on my facebook page numerous check ins at a Physical Therapist or an Ortho Doctor, that would be because I’m dealing with a bum knee.

The rough knee happened two weeks before I ran Rock N Roll Savannah but I was able to push through that race and compete at a high level. Now I’ve been dealing with the nagging knee for weeks. I’ve been to visit Doctors, I had X-rays done, and now I’m in the process of just rehabbing it through PT, medicine, sports massages, and lots of stretching.

The Ortho confirmed there was nothing on my X-ray to show any concern. What he did notice was that I have a severe case of tendinitis where my IT band meets the outside of my knee. Of course his suggestions were to back off on mileage, slowly increase again, make sure I’m working heat/ice into my knee, NSAID medicine, and lots of foam rolling.

At this point, I’m getting to the point where when I run it’s just a little twinge feeling that I get. I’ve been able to run pain free though for a lot of my runs as of late and I’m starting to feel optimistic. I’ve been incorporating lots of yoga, strength training, foam rolling, and IT Band exercises to get myself back to peak shape. I’ve lost a lot though in the last 6 weeks.

My mileage has plummeted from 45 miles a week, to barely reaching 20 miles a week. I’ve gone from doing speed work 2x per week, to no speed work at all. My long runs were up to 18 miles and I’m just now getting back to double digits. It’s a work in progress. Slow and steady but for the best in the long run. I want to come back stronger.

So with the disappearance of 6 weeks of training comes the disappearance of any goals I had set up for myself. As you all know, I was aiming to run the Charleston Marathon with a Boston Qualifying time of 3:30, that is now just a distant memory. Unfortunately training doesn’t always go the way we want it to and we have to refocus and reset goals. I’ve dropped from the full down to the half marathon for the Charleston run. I’ve got two other races I’m eyeing as potential Marathon races to attempt to qualify for Boston. My heart is pretty crushed that my goal race is no longer in my sights and I may have to accept that I’ll have to wait until next year to try and Qualify. If I can’t get myself back to where I was soon, I wont be ready until the heat sets in here in Charleston and we all know I’m not PR’ing anything in the heat and humidity of the South.

But there is a silver lining. I put my name into the Lottery for the Chicago Marathon. I never thought that I would actually get in but I figured it was worth a shot. I’m trying to run a race in every state and Illinois is one I haven’t checked off of my list yet. This morning I woke up and pulled my phone out. Scrolling through to see if Christmas items had shipped yet, I found an email from the Chicago Marathon “Congratulations Michelle.” WHAAAAAT! I yelled to my husband that I had got in. I’m so excited for this race especially because it will be the 40th anniversary of the race. Hubby and I are making a trip out of it which will include the pinball museum, some theater, and the zoo. Plus, if all else fails between now and then, this can be my goal race for that 3:30 time.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet on here. Sometimes when you’re dealing with being the injured runner, there isn’t much passion to write. The one thing that I love doing, I’m currently unable to do at the level I want to be. It sets a girl up for some serious depression and loneliness. I’ve struggled many nights watching friends go out running and I’m sitting here with the foam roller cursing my dumb knee. I’m praying this is the light at the end of the tunnel and I’ll be back to kicking butt on the race courses soon. I’ll have a race recap of the Kiawah Island Half Marathon that I participated in, later this week. Let’s just say, it was one of the best races I have ever done, hands down. It put Charleston Marathon to shame! 

Here is to healthy and happy running for 2017!




3 thoughts on “Running life and a bum knee

  1. I feel ya. At least you’re still able to do the Charleston Half- I am contemplating the 5K and just going on a vacation to Boston one day because my endurance is shot :). I should hit 30+ miles this week. It’s tough, although my body was a bit grateful for the break, it sucks when your season ends due to injury and not the goal race you’d hoped for. I’m glad you could run Kiawah (and can’t wait to read your review) and you got into Chicago, so there’s hope for your 3:30 or at least a marathon and chalking off another state of racing.

    Have you found it weird to explain injuries to others? It’s hard to go from training for a marathon to… not. Two weeks ago, I ran 20 miles in a week . I told someone “Yeah, I ran 20 miles last week, so my knee’s better than it was”, then had to folow up to tell them it was ALL WEEK and not a single 20 mile run…


    1. I’m working on rearranging all my goals now. I was thinking about going for Myrtle for the BQ but I still don’t think that’s enough time to ramp back up my mileage/speed work and be marathon ready. Now I’m looking at Chicago as the possible BQ. That will give me lots of time to heal/train/ recover etc I don’t think after March there is anything around here that wont be in the dead of summer that would be flat/fast for a BQ. I’m sad I have to push that goal out another year. I’ve been talking it up so much, it just breaks my heart. The fact I got up to an 18 miler at really good pace and then just boom, no training at all.

      I’ve found it hard to explain but more so to myself. I just don’t understand really what went wrong that it just hit like it did. I was hitting PR’s and running 18 miles while feeling great. I still have the pain, it’s just bearable now and not to the point i can’t walk (that’s how it was when it first happened.) I think I’m going to get 20 miles in this week if I’m lucky. Both girls are sick so I’ve had a hard time getting out of the house for runs but I did 23 miles last week. The hard part is that I just want to feel good. I want to go back to how my body felt this summer. Zero pain at all and I was running some of the fastest times. Getting injured or feeling pain was something that never even crossed my mind. Now every step I take there is just slight hesitation because I’m worried my knee is just going to twist the wrong way and I’ll be down for months.

      It’s very depressing. *sigh*


      1. *hugs* I know it is. I was really trying to do everything right and had a strong base. I hadn’t increased my mileage much at all when I got hurt and was trying to recover well after all my runs. Sometimes, shit just happens and there’s no rhyme or reason, and I think that’s what happened to me.

        Have you thought about a summer marathon? I know you mentioned Myrtle but if you have the 50 state goal you might find something in say, May, in another state that is a fast course?


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