In honor of Stacy – Kiawah half marathon

As many of you know from my previous post, my family lost a very special person. Stacy fought cancer so hard and in the end the battle was just too much for her. It has been one of the hardest weeks for our family saying goodbye to one of the strongest, beautiful women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

When Stacy was here on earth, I tried my hardest from far away to help my cousin and their little family by making sure their bellies were fed with the best pizza & wings in town. It’s so hard when you live so far away to do all the things that you want for the people who matter in your life. I was able to pick up the phone and order some delicious delivery for them from time to time though. My heart though, was always with them even from a distance, checking in on them via facebook or text as often as possible.

Stacy had such a big heart and was always doing for others. Her life was all about helping others, whether it was serving in our military or going to school for nursing. I commend her for being such a giving person who always put her son, her fiance, and others before herself. Looking back, I wish I would have told her more often what a rockstar she was. My aunt reminded me this week how important it is for us to tell each other what we think of them while we are still able to, don’t wait until someone passes to express how much you admire them, let them know now. You’ll probably make someones day by randomly shooting them a text to tell them how much you care about them or how fabulous they are. I’m making it my mission to make sure I tell at least one person every day why I love them. I’d hate for someone to go without knowing how much they truly mean to me.

I am making it a point to honor Stacy the best way that I know how, through running. Running has been such an influential piece of my life and I want to share that with her. Even when Stacy was feeling at her weakest, she still made sure to rock it at the Susan G Komen races in our home town. My next half marathon is the Kiawah half on December 10th. This wasn’t a race that I had a time goal for or a race that is part of my marathon training, it’s simply a 13 mile run that has a fun medal at the end. It was simply about finishing the race but now, this race has something of such bigger meaning. Every mile of that race, every step that I take, will be another moment that I get to remember and honor Stacy. She always encouraged me in my running endeavors and I can’t wait to make this one all about her.

My mom and Stacy at the race for the cure

This week I took my first step in honoring Stacy by getting my hair done pink for the race. I’m loving it and I know she would too. I can’t wait to sport it at the race for her. On top of that I ordered and received the pink ribbon race shirt I’ll be wearing. The next step will be to get “In memory of Stacy Karns” on the back of it so that as I’m running, everyone will be able to read her name. Thousands of people will get the chance to spend a moment during the race seeing her name, thinking about her, and offering love to her. I can’t wait to run the half marathon for her and take her on that journey with me.

Stacy has the sweetest son named London. This time of the year is meant to be all about family and to help Stacy’s family use their time to remember her, love her, and care for each other, I started a fundraising page for London’s Christmas. The money will go to taking care of London’s Christmas presents including toys, clothes for the year, and necessities that he may need. A portion of the money will also go towards helping my cousin and London by providing them with Christmas dinner. I’m trying to take the burden of the stress of the holidays off of their shoulders so they can spend this time making memories and remembering Stacy. If anyone would like to contribute, they can here:      I’ll be taking care of ordering everything, having it wrapped, and delivered so that Cameron & family don’t have to worry about a thing.

I hope you all will keep up with me and follow along when I go run for Stacy on December 10th.




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