Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly Training Recap

Oh Shit I’m running a half marathon this weekend.


Monday: 45 minutes of Yoga for Runners. This was a workout dedicated to hip openers and hamstring stretches to get me ready for Saturday. 30 minutes of strength training focusing on legs.

Tuesday: 3.8 easy miles. I headed out to test to the knee/IT Band again. Last week I did 1 slow run and I wanted to increase the pace a bit because well, I’m running a fast half marathon and I need to know if my knee is going to hold up. I started very slow and increased my speed up to my goal marathon pace and then eased off the gas. I stopped after mile 1 to rest, walk, and test the knee. All lights seemed to flash green and that my knee is on the mend.

Wednesday: Lana and I hit up Yoga Den for a 1 hour hot yoga class. It was exactly what we both needed for our bodies. It felt great to sweat it out on my mat. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been to hot yoga and I definitely think it got my body more prepared for the weekend. The goal going forward is to go to this class once per week, it’s also nice that we can walk right over to Cafe Craft afterwards for a post yoga beer.

Thursday: Shake out run at its finest. One last run before the half and one last time to feel out my knee. I ran 4 miles with Lana at an easy pace adding two fast straight sprints at goal half marathon pace just to test my knee out at that speed. We would stop after the speed interval so I could walk and make sure everything was fine. Two thumbs up for that workout. Then I headed home for some foam rolling, stretching, and packing.

Friday: Travel/Rest day- I drove to Savannah, taking lots of breaks to stretch my legs. Once I got to Savannah I hit up the race expo. It was absolutely perfect timing because it wasn’t busy and I was able to shop, play the games, and get some nice freebies. The evening was spent soaking my legs, stretching, and napping in the hotel room.

Saturday: Rock N Roll Savannah! 13.1 miles of dominance. Okay 10 miles of dominance and 3 miles of the pain train but you’ll get to hear more about that in the race recap. I did hit my A goal though (just barely) and came in roaring at 1:38:55!! Still riding that PR high. The downside however was not a lot of time to rest afterwards. I had to hop in the car and make the 2 hour drive back to Charleston which I think my legs are very angry at me for.


Sunday: Recovery day. My IT band was shot from that race. I did a lot of foam rolling which immediately would make my knee feel better. It’s going to be a few days of recovery next week as well because I have another half in 5 weeks that I would like to execute a bit better than I did this weekend.

Total miles: 21

Now it’s time to get the IT band healed up and keep on with my PT and cross training activities. I think it made a world of difference in my body. I have a few short races coming up, Kiawah half, and then comes the full marathon. I’m at about a 70% confidence level that I can hit my goal of a 3:30 and I’d like to get it up to 90% by getting healed, getting in some 20 milers, and focusing on my tempo runs.

Good luck to everyone running Sweet Tea Half Marathon this weekend! Kick butt you guys.





3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Yeeeeee!
    Congrats on your PR!!!!!
    I knew you could do it!!!!
    I too am having ITband issues and it sucks. (I am so glad this is my taper week for Sweet Tea,my body hates me right now)
    Hope you are able to heal up quickly and be able to push ahead with marathon training.
    Cant wait for the Savannah recap!!!!!


    1. Thanks!!! I’m still a little in shock that I could run that time. Post baby me could barely hang on to 10 minute miles for a 5k, and a year later here I am crushing PR’s.
      You are going to rock Sweet Tea. Sorry you’re having IT Band issues too. Ugh, stupid IT Bands. Can’t our bodies just realize we want to run fast and be like “sweet, lets do this” instead of “here is some pain in your knee.. here is some in your ankle… how about a little in your hips.” lol


  2. Congrats on your PR, Michelle. I am so sorry about your ITBS… it has to be hard to have a great race, set a PR, then have it flair up in pain.

    Did someone spike the post-race beer at some point so that everyone came down with ITBS?


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