Weekly Training Rundown

Training recap!

Monday: 8 miles total: 1 mile warm up- 5 miles half marathon pace with some progression- 2 mile cool down. Before I left for this run I had told myself that I would aim for 7:45 pace during my Tempo miles, which is slower than my goal Half marathon pace. Right now I don’t know what the appropriate half marathon pace is for myself. It’s been years since I’ve done one, my long runs are obviously slower where I can talk to Lana, and the only races I have done are 5k’s. I have plugged my recent 5k time into a pace calculator which tells me that I should be averaging around 7:30’s for a half marathon. So when I set out at 7:45 I figured I would just go based on feel. I did my warm up at 8:32 and then stepped on the gas peddle. The 1st of my tempo miles was 7:39, this felt good and I felt strong. My breathing didn’t feel hard at all so I stepped it up a little more. 2nd tempo mile came in at 7:33, I’m still feeling strong and breathing well. At this point I’m trying to imagine the crowds around me at Rock N Roll Savannah to lift me up. The 3rd tempo mile was a 7:24 and I’m definitely feeling it a little bit more. It’s nothing that I can’t handle but I can feel in my legs that I ran 16 miles the day before. Tempo mile 4 rolled in at a 7:25 and I certainly am feeling the 16 miles the day before but I still feel okay. Mile 5 was my last one and I tried to imagine this as the final mile of the half marathon and gave it everything that I possibly could and rolled out a 7:17 mile. I took two miles to cool down nice and easy but my legs definitely were sore when I got home. Thankfully I had a few easy days of running coming up and a few rest days because the 10k race was on Saturday. It was also a beautiful sunset!


Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 6.5 easy miles around the neighborhood. I was originally supposed to be at Fleet Feet but traffic held up the hubby and I wasn’t able to make it in time. Stupid Charleston and it’s stupid traffic. However I did get to see some fun houses lit up for halloween!


Thursday: 3  very easy miles. These were just some recovery miles to keep the legs loose for Saturday. I usually take two days off before a race but with how tight my legs have been, I wanted a quick little shake out run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Race Day!!! Lana and I warmed up with a 1.3 mile very easy run around the block. We ROCKED our 6.2 miles of the 10k race. I finished with a time of 44:58 which was a two second PR for me. This race might call itself a “fast course” on their website, but do not let that deceive you, it’s actually the toughest course in Charleston, far harder than the Bridge run. Since we skipped a cool down, I went for a nice shake out jog of 2.6 miles when I got home. I wanted my legs to be loose for my long run the next day and I needed to put in 10 miles for the day.


Sunday: 18 miles. You read that right, 18 mother fudging miles. It was a bit chilly and I had to bust out the gloves and the ear warmers. This is my longest run to date and it will be my longest for a little bit. It’s time to start to taper down for the half marathon in two weeks and my body is starting to tell me its time to back off a little bit. In hindsight, 18 miles right off of a 10 mile day that included a race was probably not the smartest of plans. We ended up averaging 8:33 pace for the 18 miles but the last 4 miles were bothering my right knee. I came home, immediately threw ice on both knees, took some medicine, threw on my compression sleeves, and elevated my legs. I’m planning on taking a few days off and working on my hips because I know that is the direct cause of my knee pain.


Total miles for the week: 45.5 miles

Thoughts on this week: It was a great week of running. I hit a 10k PR, I hit a nice total for mileage, and I got in my longest run to date. However, I’m slacking on all other aspects of my training. I need to get back to my hip strengthening routine as well as my cross training. I’m starting to feel the twinges in my knees and my glutes. I’ve gone through this before and I’ve fixed it by doing a very diligent routine. I have a half marathon in two weeks that I have a big goal for and I don’t want to go into that race injured. So from here till then, it’s taper, easy runs, and time on the ground doing my hip work.




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