Weekly Training Rundown

Training recap

Sometimes life gets messy and so does our training. This last week was one of those messy weeks for me. I had travel nightmares with my trip to Texas thanks to the stupid hurricane Matthew. Having to reschedule my flight 3 times in order to get to Texas meant we left a day earlier than anticipated and my plan for running got completely messed up.

I tried to rearrange my runs so that I wouldn’t have to do my 15 mile run in Texas. I really wasn’t comfortable running alone in a city I didn’t know for that long of a distance. My original plan was to meet Lana Thursday morning and get it over with before our husband’s had to go to work but alas, evacuations and travel changes completely messed this up. However, when life gives you lemons you make margaritas! Lots of margaritas!


Monday: Tempo day! This week Lana and I upped our Tempo run to do 4 miles of tempo work with a 2 mile warm up and a 1 mile cool down. I wanted to get in a 2 mile cool down but after all that hard effort, I wasn’t feeling it. Our 4 hard miles clocked in at 7:18, 7:11, 7:11, 7:23. During the run I was super proud of our times but I am freaking out a little because my current personal best at the 10k is 45:00 at the Cooper River Bridge Run. I averaged a 7:12 pace with the flat miles being closer to a 7:05 pace. I’m just now starting to be able to keep my 5k pace under 7 minute miles so I’m not sure how a 10k pace is going to go. I guess we will find out in a few weeks at the James Island Connector Run! If you haven’t registered for this family fun race yet, make sure you do soon and use the code Knopp16 to save yourself $5. I’d love nothing more than that see a PR at that race but lets be honest, that connector is not meant for someone to PR on. I get dizzy just looking at all the inclines on that road.

Tuesday: Rest day. Oh man did my legs need this. Seriously, the more miles I put on week to week, the more I am feeling parts of my legs I didn’t know could be sore. I’m doing what I can with my foam rolling, stretching, and prehab exercises to keep myself from getting injured.

Wednesday: I managed to get 7.9 miles of easy running in before my inlaws arrived. Between Tony trying to get work done at home, packing, cleaning, and taking care of the girls,  I managed a 1 hour window where I could just get some miles on my feet. I averaged an 8:30 pace but the last miles felt really hard. My legs were still really sore from Monday’s Tempo run and the wind was picking up pretty hard by the end of my run. I was riding the pain train by the end.

Thursday: Travel day! Tony and I got to Texas after having been up for over 24 hours. A nap was definitely needed before I hit the streets at the hotel for 4 miles. My original plan was to get 5 miles in but it was extremely hot and humid out. I also was running in a warehouse district with no sidewalks and tons of tractor trailers. Since I was right next to a highway, I had no way to get to anywhere with decent running roads. So I cut my run short and just headed back to the hotel.



Spoiler: I didn’t run the rest of the weekend. Whoops. But I did walk an awful lot. I think my legs were more sore from all the walking I did than after a 14 mile run.


So I’m behind a little in my training. I had a really light week of running. Back to the grind this week.



4 thoughts on “Training recap

  1. Your trip looked like so much fun; glad you got there despite the hurricane, and you picked a good weekend to not be in Charleston bc this place was dead. Loved all the pics you posted and that you got to go to a Dallas game. It could have been much worse here, and thankfully it wasn’t! As far as training goes, I crammed in 2 tempos and 2 long runs and some easy days within 7 days and my body hates me now- I don’t even know that it was worth it in the end just to get in the miles.

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  2. Yeeeee just found your blog!!!
    I didn’t run much at all during the hurricane week either but did travel back home to TN…
    You seem to be having some speedy tempo runs lately so I’m sure your 10k PR is just around the corner!!
    I hope this week you’ve been able to get back to the daily grind of training!


    1. Yayyy!! I was just catching up on your yesterday 🙂 I really hope the 10k PR is coming, I just don’t think that JI connector run is going to be it. That course does not scream “PR.” This week has been back to the grind. I was really worried that having such a down week on mileage would mess me up but maybe in the end it was for the best to rest those few days. Hope to see you out on the race course soon!!!


  3. It was SO much fun! That does sound like you crammed a lot in very quickly. I was worried that I would lose the momentum I was gaining on increasing my mileage slowly week to week but I think I managed to get by without hiccuping too much in my training.


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