Weekly Training Rundown

Training Recap

You may have noticed that the title lacks a “week ___” next to it. It just so happens that this is the week where my half marathon program I was following and my marathon program collide.  At this point I will be taking over the marathon training plan and strictly following that plan. My main reasoning is that right now my big goal is the Charleston Marathon. Qualifying for Boston is the big whammy at this point and Rock N Roll Savannah is almost a training run to test where my abilities lie. My half marathon in a few weeks is more of a tune up race for me. I have not raced a half marathon since 2014 and barring any crazy weather, this race should be a PR race for me. I really want to use this race as a way to test just how far I’ve come and if I’m on track for a BQ in January. Honestly I’m going into that half with some loose goals because I’m not sure where exactly my pace for that race should be. This will help me identify if my goal marathon pace is achievable.

Monday: Tempo Run day. Lana and I headed out for 3 miles of Tempo with 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down. The 3 miles of Tempo were great considering we had just put in some hard work for our long run on Sunday. The 3 miles of Tempo ended up being (7:42, 7:43, 7:26) I’m really happy with this even though they aren’t quite as fast as last weeks tempo miles because I’ve been running on tired legs a lot lately. I came home and foam rolled like a crazy person since my glutes were on fire after that run.

Tuesday: Recovery day. There was a lot of foam rolling, stretching, and wearing my compression tights. I also stuffed my face full of chinese food and had a fun girls night.


Wednesday: Fleet Feet day!! We headed to the Gahagan track to get some speed work in but wouldn’t ya know there were some adorable little kids playing football. Seriously y’all, it was so stinking cute watching them score touchdowns. So we made due with the area that we had to run some drill and do some speed work. I tried to clock most of it on my watch so I knew my weekly total mileage and I got just over 1 mile of work in.

Thursday: Rest day. Hubby out of town meant another day of no running. Which is fine, it just means that I have to run for the next 4 days straight. I try to break my rest days up so that I don’t have so many days of back to back running.

Friday: 7 miles at marathon pace. Originally I had planned to go out nice and easy and just get some mileage in. I’m not trying to PR the race on Saturday, so to train on tired legs can be a good thing. I took my music with me and decided to run on feel. My first mile was slower but I gradually got faster and ended up averaging my marathon pace for that run. I totally wasn’t expecting that and it honestly didn’t feel hard at all. I had a bit of a calming feeling after this run because during the summer 8 minute miles felt like death.


Saturday: 6 miles total including the IOP Connector Run 5k. I did a nice easy 2 mile warm up running along the main road at IOP. As I headed down the road,  I noticed how beautiful and calm the ocean was so I went out there and took some pictures and really breathed in the salty air. I often take for granted the beautiful area in which I live.  The 5k went fantastic for not being out there actually running it in hopes of a PR. I ended up averaging 6:53 pace for the 5k finishing in 21:36. I then did a nice and slow 1 mile cool down as well. Blog post coming soon to recap this fun race!


Sunday: 14 miles! PHEWWW. So I have been talking to lots of people who have run marathons, I’ve been reading blog post after blog post of marathon recaps and training programs that others are following. The one thing everyone keeps telling me is that, more often than not, you will have a bad long run training run. I’m waiting for it to occur for me and every Sunday morning I’ve been waking up nervous as if I’m about to go out for a race, dreading the thought that I’m going to have a really crap-tastic run. I’ve had shitty runs before, they happen. I don’t mind having a bad run if it’s only a 4 or 5 miler. The thought of having a bad run for 14 or more miles though, sounds down right miserable to me.


I remember my mother-in-law having a horrible super long run when she was marathon training and the way she described it, scared me from ever wanting to do a run that long. But you know what, she went out and kicked ass the next week on her run, and she dominated her marathon! We can’t let one bad run define us as a runner or many bad runs.

Thankfully, my run went fantastic. Lana and I averaged 8:35 for our 14 miles maintaining our conversations the whole way. Somehow that fantastic training partner of mine makes running for two hours go by so quickly. Right before mile 10 I looked down at my watch because I forgot to look for a while and had no clue how far we had ran. I’ve got a great hydration and fuel schedule going right now that is working like a charm. I haven’t felt the wall yet and I had enough in me to power through my last mile in 7:59 feeling good.

Total miles for the week: 35

Thoughts on my week: Overall it was a positive week. I got my long run in at a great pace with lots of energy, I got a nice 7 mile run at marathon pace, and I had a really good race. I’m riding a pretty big runners high right now but if I’ve learned one thing with running, one week can be great and the next can absolutely destroy you. So, I’m going to go to bed tonight happy with the complete week and wake up tomorrow ready to work hard.




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