Weekly Training Rundown

Training recap week 6

Monday: A date with my foam roller occurred on Monday. Ramping up my weekly mileage and running 4 days in a row are both new for me which means my legs are adjusting. I’m taking the mileage increase slow which should help to ward off injuries but I also have to listen to my body. My calves burned so good on my 11 mile long run on Sunday but that meant I needed Monday to recover. They thanked me a lot for stretching and foam rolling.

Tuesday: Tempo day! I had a really quality tempo run with Lana through the neighborhood. We did a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at tempo (7:20, 7:14, 7:11) and then a 1 mile cool down. I was really impressed with this run because not only did we get faster with each mile, the 3rd mile was faster than my 3rd mile in my 5K on Saturday and I didn’t feel like I was pushing at race effort. I can not stress enough how excited I am for cooler temperatures and running on fresh legs.

Wednesday: One of my favorite days of the week is my Fleet Feet running days. This week as I headed out to Summerville I could see the dark clouds rolling in and a drizzle of rain coming down. I wasn’t going to let it stop me though because I have to get the miles in if I want to keep building my mileage up. Plus, I would have a fun group to keep me motivated. We joined the Fleet Feet Pub Run this week that started at the Ice House in Summerville.

Side note: This is one of our favorite restaurants in Summerville. You have to go and try the food and sit outside and have a cold beer. The food is beyond scrumptious. Okay back to the run.

Under Armor was the guest this week with some awesome shoes for us to try on during the run as well as some compression sleeves. We all geared up and got instructions from our awesome coach Sandy about our run tonight. We each got 3 cards from a playing deck. Each suite had a different exercise that corresponded with it. Example: Diamonds meant a 1 minute plank ,hearts meant jumping jacks. After each mile we had to complete 1 card. Wouldn’t you believe that I got TWO diamond cards. Yay for having to plank twice in the rain, thanks Sandy.  I think Sandy secretly gave me those cards on purpose. I found Craig who runs similar pace as me and he got the same suites as me! So we took off in the light drizzle for mile 1 at an 8:25 pace, perfect. We found a grassy spot and got our plank on.

At this point the rainy drizzle was actually quite welcoming. Mile 2 was supposed to be 30-40 seconds faster and we reeled it in at 7:41. Now, the rain was coming down even harder so we found a tree to get under to knock out our jumping jacks. Mile 3 was sogging wet and we came in at an 8:10 pace. Our run was perfect but we had one more plank to manage when we got back in the downpour. Thankfully we had some friends who joined us for a rainy plank.


After the run was over we headed in with the pub run folks for some bingo, beer, and raffle drawings. This totally turned out to be my night because I won a free pair of running shoes from Fleet Feet! I almost didn’t go to this run because of the crappy weather conditions. This just hits home with me that even though the conditions weren’t perfect, I had a perfect day! I had a great run with great splits, I had fun with friends, and I won some running shoes. Don’t let crappy conditions stop you from having a good time, you never know what might come of it.

Thursday: 4 easy miles around the neighborhood in the light drizzle

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Fleet Feet run day! It was a pretty hot and humid day but we got a 7.5 mile run. I took some nuun tri-berry with me in my nathan waterbottle because I knew I was going to need a little extra out there in those temperatures. We started our day by doing some core work in the store, ran some drills outside, and then by 8:30 we were out for our run. We ran down the Sawmill branch trail and up through a neighborhood that had a decent hill (for Charleston) in it. It was nice to switch up the route and get to work my calves that don’t normally get a lot of experience with hills. Josh and I ended up with an overall pace of 8:41 for our 7.5 miles and it felt pretty good.


Sunday: Long run Sunday with Lana! My training plan had 12 miles written on it and I’ll be honest, to start this morning I was a little nervous because it’s been a long time since I was up at this mileage for a long run. I’ve slowly been practicing with my fueling options and I’m learning a lot in the process. It is such a vital part of training and it has been making these long runs easier and easier. This morning I started by having my english muffin 1.5 hours before we left for our run to give it time to digest. I took a GU and a salt stick about 15 minutes before we were about to leave as well. I drank about 12 ounces of water and prepped my water bottle with nuun active and some huma gels’s for Lana and I. We ran our normal route and threw down the gels around mile 6. After dropping Lana off at almost mile 12 I was feeling really good. I knew that based on our current pace, I would PR the half marathon distance if I kept going at that pace for another 1.1 miles. I couldn’t resist and I kept pushing, clocking in my fastest mile for mile 13 at a 7:53 pace.

This was a huge confidence boost for me. I needed this so desperately. I needed to be reminded at where my physical abilities are when I start questioning if I can qualify for Boston in a few months. The fact that I PR’ed the half marathon distance during a training run is so big. Lana and I talked the entire time we were running. We weren’t pushing ourselves overly hard and yet I took 2 minutes off of a PR. This has me itching so badly to get to Rock N Roll Savannah to see what these legs are made of during an actual race.





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