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Bohicket Marina 5k race recap (22:20)

Fall weather still has yet to arrive in South Carolina. The heat and humidity are still rearing their ugly heads on us and our race times. When I originally registered for the Bohicket Marina 5k race a month ago I thought it might be an opportunity for me to test out a 5k PR. The 80 degree morning with 90% humidity begged otherwise though. It looks like my 5k PR attempt is going to have to wait till either the Turkey Trot, the Reindeer Run, or the Nexton Cocoa cup.


A while back I was talking to Reyna about the options that were on the race calendar for this weekend. Here in Charleston we have a pretty large racing scene which means sometimes there are 2-3 different races each weekend. This weekends choices included the Pancake 5k/10k run (Trail run…no thank you!) , the Cobra Crawl 5k, and the Bohicket Marina race. Reyna had mentioned that she did the Bohicket race before and that it was really a beautiful course and a fun run that was put on in collaboration with the Charleston Running Club, which I happen to be a member of. (You should be too! Go here to become a member and reap the awesome race discounts and member breakfast at the Bridge Run) I trust Reyna when she gives me advice about a good race, so I decided to give this one a go.


This race was out on Johns Island, which for me was about an hour drive. I begged Tony to be kind to me and make it a family day. He agreed before knowing what time he would have to get up in the morning. I got up around 5 to load up the car and get the kids awake and dressed. I grabbed a piece of toast with nutella on it, my water, my race gear, my family, and headed out!

The Bohicket Marina is an absolutely beautiful area. We arrived with plenty of time for me to get my bib, get Tony coffee & breakfast, and go for a walk along the water with the girls. Fiona loved looking at all of the boats. I decided to do some pre-race dynamic stretching by the docks to take in the view. When I was done, Fiona asked kindly if she could do some stretching with mama too. How adorable is she? I hope she is a runner some day and I hope she learns to love it at an early age.

This race was definitely smaller than a lot of the races in Charleston. The 10k had around 50 people and the 5k had around 130. Sometimes it’s nice to step back from the over crowded races in Charleston and just have a nice small race. The 10k group went out about 3 minutes before us and I was so sad to see that Larry the Legend was out there in that group. I would have loved to have him in the 5k group so that I could have someone to run side by side. I didn’t want to end up all alone on the course because that can get really boring and Larry is just fast enough to pace me!

Mile 1: 6:50 So I honed in a little more than the last race where I took off way faster than I should have. This first mile was simply gorgeous, after we split from the 10k group, we ran by some horse stables. The trees, streets, and surrounding area were just stunning and I couldn’t help but constantly be turning my head to look around. The first mile didn’t feel too awful bad, especially since I didn’t rest at all the days leading up to this race. At this point I had made a move from second female, to first overall female and had two guys ahead of me that I was keeping in my sights to try to aim for in the miles ahead.

Mile 2: 7:02 I was keeping a good pace that I was happy with and able to maintain. We ran by the water stop but I needed to focus and I just didn’t have the time/energy to stop and dump water on myself. I decided to just trudge along and save my thirst for the beer waiting for me at the finish line. Mile 2 was still me holding on to the overall female lead but I knew that I had some ladies closing in on me. We all know that I’m not a negative split racer. I was closing the gap on the guy ahead of me and I was enjoying the pretty sidewalk path that we were taking back towards the Marina.

Mile 3: 7:27 I crashed a little harder than I would have liked. I know that I’m usually a positive split race but 25 seconds was a bit harsh. This is where those dead legs started to come into play. At this point I could see the other female on my heels. I had overtaken the guy that was in front of me and she was running side by side with him right on my tail. I tried with everything in my might to keep my pace. I just kept telling myself that I worked so hard this entire race to maintain my spot as overall female, don’t lose it now.

.1 As we came up to the final push, the lady behind me took the inside of the curve and it pushed me behind her. I was unable to sprint up next to her/ahead of her and we crossed the finish line side by side and she beat me by a .8 of a second! I congratulated her with a high five and went over to sit and catch my breath. Sometimes you’re the person with that extra kick at the end of the race and sometimes you’re the person being out-kicked at the end of the race. I was the latter, and that’s alright. It gives me something to focus on for the next race.


After the race was over there was a post-race after party. We got some muffins, oranges, bananas, granola bars, and brownies. There was also water, soda, and Sam Adams Oktoberfest. The fun part about running a morning race is that no one looks at you funny when you are cracking a beer at 9 in the morning. I ended up placing 2nd overall female and getting a really nice plaque/award. After the awards were over, we packed up and drove just down the street to Kiawah’s beach access.

We hung out at the beach and I recovered with sand,ocean waves, and the laughter of my kids. This was a really well organized and fun race. I really enjoyed venturing out of the my typical running areas and exploring some new places with the family. As you all know my goal is to run a half marathon in every state, which means I’m getting myself out of my comfort zone soon to go explore different cities.





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