Weekly Training Rundown

Training recap for week 5!

Dear Charleston, chill out yo. No seriously, it’s time to cool off. I have read numerous blog posts from my other runner friends here in Charleston and we all agree that we are over this heat and humidity. All of us have been sludging through the summer months to see what kind of gains we have made but we can’t do that until you give us the cool temperatures. When I had signed up for the race on Saturday months ago, I thought that it would be much cooler than this out.

When Monday rolled around, I took a look at the forecast for the rest of the week and realized I’m not going to get a break. Since this race wasn’t going to be a chance to PR I decided that I’d use those miles as speed work instead of gunning for a PR. Had it been cooler out, I would have taken it easy this week to give my body a chance to be fresh for the race. Instead I put in the hard work, ran on dead legs, and continued to build up that mileage. A look at week 5:

Monday: Rain Rain go away come again….never. Lana and I had worked it out so that we could hit the track at 5pm. Both husbands were going to be home and we could make it over there for a nice speed workout before the sunsets. About 10 minutes before we were going to leave the Thunder rolled in, then came the heavy downpour that didn’t lighten up at all. I had a really fun workout from my marathon training plan that I really wanted to try but sometimes things just don’t go our way. Instead, I hopped on the treadmill and I watched the Steelers vs. Redskins game. Having the game definitely helped me power through the 4 mile workout but I still loathe the treadmill.

Tuesday: Cross-training & rest day

Wednesday: Dear rain… GO AWAY. Another night of a cancelled run because of the weather. A tropical storm was lingering around the Charleston area and we were getting pounded on by the rain. Normally, Wednesday nights is my fleet feet workout but it ended up being cancelled for the safety of participants. I’m all about running in the rain but there is a big difference between running and swimming. There is a reason I don’t do triathlons. Instead, I hit my gym and did a good amount of strength training and working on getting my hips stronger. My hips have always been a weak point of mine and I’m trying very hard to be mindful of the exercises that help.

Thursday: Speed work day with Lana!! Finally we were able to get in the workout we had wanted to do for a week. I took a speed workout from my marathon training plan for us to try out. My plan doesn’t start for a couple more weeks but I figured it would be fun to see where I stood on the speed workouts. What I love about my training plan is that it lays out for me the exact speeds I should be running everything at. It’s not a “go out and run as hard as you can” on the speed workouts. It harnesses it in and tells me, run an 800 in 3:13. I like that much more because it allows me to see if I’m on target, rather than just running as hard as I can and having no idea if that on target. So for the speed work out we did a 2 mile warm up followed by 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 with 200m recovery intervals. The goal was to do them in: 4:54, 4:02, 3:13, 2:24, 1:34. Since we didn’t have the track available due to the JV football team taking it over, we had to sort of go based on our watch and do some mathematical conversions. Based on what we got, we were very close to target on all of our sprints. Woot! It felt so good to get some speed work under my legs. It always boosts my confidence when I can run fast!

Speed work intervals & Thursday Night Football

Friday: I did a nice 6 mile shake out recovery run. I took it easy and only looked at my watch a few times. I wanted to listen to my body and really run based on feel. I ended up finishing the 6 miles averaging 8:26 pace. I didn’t want to push too hard because I was racing in the morning, so I was really happy with that number.

Saturday: I participated in the Bohicket Marina 5k/10k race. I did the 5k and chose this time not to do much of a running warm up. The last few races that I’ve done really well in, I’ve kept my warm up to a minimum. I did some dynamic stretching and just walked around with Tony & the girls as a warm up. My cool down included walking to the beach. I ended up finishing the race in 22:17 for Second place overall female!

Fiona decided she wanted to do some dynamic stretching like mama too. I get so proud when I see my girl trying to take after me.


Sunday: Long run Sunday keeps building and building. This week, Lana and I pumped out 11 miles on our long run. The training plan I’m rolling with has me slowly building up my mileage on Sundays. As someone who normally averages 20-25 miles per week, I wanted a plan that allowed me to build slowly to ward off injuries. This weeks long run was a little slower than recent weeks. I am coming off of 3 straight days of running that included speed work, a 6 mile run, and a 5k race. My calves were on fire for the first half of our run that had some small rolling hills through Coosaw. For how tired my legs and body were, I’m pleasantly happy with a 8:29 average pace for this long run. Next week we bump it up to 12 miles. Eeek!








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