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Exciting Announcement!

I have a really exciting announcement to make! This year I have been accepted as an ambassador for the James Island Connector Run! 

I could not be more excited and honored to be an ambassador for their race because it was one of my absolute favorites last year. This not only means I’ll be running this race again this year but it means that I have a fun treat for all of you! The kind of treat that saves you $$$ on the race.

This years race is being held on Saturday October 22nd, which means we should hopefully have some nice fall weather for the race.

I know what you’re saying, “Why should we do this race, Michelle?” Great question! Here are my reasons why you should run the JI Connector Run:

– Proceeds from the Charleston James Island Connector Run benefit the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, a local charity that awards annual scholarships to students with physical disabilities. As you all know, I try to run for a reason. When I don’t feel like my race registrations are going to a good cause, I will do a fundraiser for one. However, with this race, I know my money is going to something good. It’s a race that you can feel good about supporting.

– There are some gorgeous views! Take a look at some photo’s captured from previous years events on their facebook page. Our city is incredibly beautiful and there is nothing more enchanting than running across this bridge, taking in the sweet smells of saltwater, and seeing the sun rise up over the lowcountry.


Awards! Not only does the JICR offer cash prizes to the top 5 male and female finishers, there is also a cash prize for top male/female masters, and grand-masters. Top 3 finishers in each age group also receive an award. On top of all of that, there are finishers medals for everyone. I LOVE my medal from last year, it’s big and beautiful.


– It’s the only time that you can run on this bridge! The James Island Connector is not open to runners like the Ravenel Bridge. Therefore you should take advantage of the one time the road closes down and lets you get in the sights of running and walking over it. It’s one of the most gorgeous routes to run as most of it is up on the bridges where you can see the Ravenel in the distance, beautiful yachts, and the calmness of the Ashley River.


– The after party! “Did she just say party?” Yes, I did. The race festival takes place in Cannon park and you can expect food, vendors, music, and lots of fun. I managed to snag this awesome photo of my bump last year after completing the 10k. I know I look huge, I was 9 days away from popping. A lot of friends and I had an ongoing joke that I’d be on the news later for giving birth on the bridge.


Truthfully, this race is just all around fun for everyone. There is a 5k option that takes you up over the bridge and the 10k option that has you going out and back on the opposite side of the bridge. If you choose the 5k there are buses at the finish line to bring you back to the post race festival. Last year, I was trotting along slow as molasses and had to walk a good portion of the 10k and wouldn’t you know that even though I was almost last, there were still volunteers on the course with water cheering me on, and everyone was still hanging out at the finish line to grab some pictures and cheer me in. I was beyond proud of completing this race and the way the organizers put this on makes for a great event for everyone in the family. So please, help support a great cause and come join in on the fun. I promise you won’t regret it.

JICR Website

Click here to Register for the race and use code: Knopp16 to save you $5 off registration.

The price to run is $35 ($30 if you use my discount!) for either the 5k or the 10k

Swag items include a race shirt, finishers medal, and post race festival goodies!

I hope to see you all there!!!




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