Weekly Training Rundown

Training week 3

I’ve got a new nemesis and its located at the corner of East Richardson and Central Ave in Summerville. I’ll pause while you google it. “But Michelle, there is only a parking garage located there.”

EXACTLY. I had my first experience running parking garages this week with Fleet Feet for our training program and my calves are screaming at me.  Here’s a break down of this week in the master training plan.

Monday: Rest day. I just needed it. I could feel my body needing it, so I gave it the rest it deserves. Sometimes you have to alter your programs to fit what your body is telling you. I always allow myself one rest day a week, so I’m switching it up to be Monday this week.

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 2 mile tempo run, 1 mile cool down. This was supposed to be Monday’s work out that never happened. My tempo miles clocked in at 7:30 and 7:21. It was pretty warm out when I got this workout in and I was a little worrisome what my tempo miles were going to look like. My average pace for all four miles combined were faster than my goal marathon pace. Now the question is, can I keep that up for another 22 miles ha.

Wednesday: Oh Sandy how I adore thee but damn woman you made my calves cry! Sandy is our coach for the half marathon training program at Fleet Feet. For Wednesday’s workout she had us do repeats in the parking garage. A total of 6 floors I believe. We did a half mile warm up to the top of the parking garage at an easy pace. We did some dynamic stretching at the top before we started the workout. We ran at an easy pace all the way to the bottom of the garage then we were to run at a hard effort ( a 7 on a 1-10 scale) up to the third level. Then we were to run easy back up to the top and repeat that sequence one more time. Myself and two other guys are in the same pace group and we led the pack down and up. Once at the top we did a wall sit and then headed back for another sequence. We ran to the bottom at an easy pace, then we raced at a level 8 effort up to the second level, finishing it off by running the rest of the way to the top at an easy pace. Once we got to the top we did some lunges and really fatigued the legs.

I have to admit, this was a hard workout. It doesn’t sound like a lot, and it only totaled up to 1.3 miles of running inside the garage but I definitely felt it in my legs. I need to start doing this and running the bridge more. It’s the only way that I’m going to get stronger.

Check me out at the top of the parking garage loving these wall sits.


Thursday: My left calf was pretty tight after running the parking garage. On the fleet feet plan was just an easy 2 mile run. I had plans Thursday night so my only option was to hit the treadmill while Fiona was at school and Valerie was napping. I tried to get more in but Vale woke up right after I finished up with the two miles. It was kind of nice to take it easy for a change and I hate the treadmill with a passion so I really did not want to do more than I needed.

Friday: Cross training sort of. I went for a nice long walk on Friday for cross training. It didn’t necessarily get my heart rate up or anything like that but it was nice to give the legs a break. I had planned on riding my new spin bike but alas, the storm kept it from getting here on time.

Saturday: Saturday morning I headed to Fleet Feet for our training run. My base mileage right now has me a bit higher than what the long runs are starting out at with Fleet Feet. This run fit in with my training programs I have melded together at home and I can still get my long run in on Sunday. I found out that lots of those training at Fleet Feet add on more mileage to their Saturday run. Some got up at 5 am and ran together before the Fleet Feet group run, some stayed later to add more on to the 4 miles. We break up into pace groups for this run but no one else from my pace group was there so it was just myself and my mentor Josh. We got in a great 4 mile run averaging 8:10 pace. The weather was cool, breezy, and we were in the shade for almost all of this run. It felt absolutely beautiful out! Once everyone returned to the store we stretched and I headed back home to put together my new spin bike.


Check out this beauty!!


Sunday: My favorite of all the days. I woke up up in the morning around 6am in order to get in my mini breakfast and caffeine before I head out the door with Lana. Each week our long runs have been progressing by around a mile. I’m trying to slowly build up my long runs because I’m often injury prone. Jumping 2 to 3 miles at a time on my long runs will never work for me. Instead, I prefer to say to myself “You ran 8 miles last week, adding one more mile on is not going to kill you.” I do that with each week and it gives me a great mental push. The weather was a gorgeous 70 degrees out although we still were hit with extreme humidity.

We did our normal route just adding a little bit more on. We did a total of 9 miles averaging 8:18 pace!! For 3 straight weeks in a row we have added on to our distance and decreased our overall average pace. I’m so freaking proud of that, I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was at the end of our run. Our 7 mile run averaged 8:47 pace, last week our 8 mile run averaged 8:34 pace, and then today our 9 mile run averaged 8:19 pace. This is giving me a much better feeling about my half marathon and marathon. Next week will be my first double digit long run in months. Hopefully the weather continues to improve so we can keep seeing our running times decrease!


Another happy week of training under my belt. I can’t wait to hop on the spin bike this week, enjoy the cooler temperatures, and practice more with the Fleet Feet Crew.








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