Weekly Training Rundown

Training week 2

How is it possible that I’m excited for 80 degree weather? I think I have been checking my phone every single day to see what the temperature is going to be, in hopes that I see the number 7 in front. I’m longing for those cool morning long runs that leave me feeling refreshed and proud of my running. I’ve been logging the miles, I’ve been pushing myself the hardest I can in this heat, and I’m hoping that I see the rewards soon. It’s just so hard not to get discouraged when my numbers are back up to my runs that were just after I gave birth.

Fear not, a race that I did this weekend left me a little bit more confident and excited for what the fall weather may bring.

This week was the second week of my long training plan. It included some fun speed work and my first meeting at Fleet Feet for the half marathon training program. This week brought back a smile to my face and gave me a glimmer of hope as to what I might be accomplishing when the cool breeze and pumpkin spiced latte’s come back.

Monday: 3 miles total. .5 mile warm up, 2 mile tempo run, .5 cool down. I had Lana go out with me for this run. It’s a good thing she did or else I would have slacked a bit on this one. I got the warm up in and was getting into the first mile of tempo when I met up with her near her house. She asked me what pace I was aiming for the tempo and I started to say “8…” and she shut me down and told me to get moving. She knows what I’m capable of and I’m so glad she holds me accountable to that. With that being said, my two tempo miles clocked in at 7:51 and 7:30. Thanks pumpkin for getting my rear in gear! I also did 30 minutes of leg work.

Tuesday: Cross trained on the elliptical for an hour. I’m getting a spin bike for my garage gym so that way I can cross train on a non weight baring machine. The elliptical is great but with my knee issues that I have, I’d love to be able to cross train without putting pressure on my knees so much.

Wednesday: This was my first class at Fleet Feet. We headed out for a easy 1 mile warm up to the trails where we got in an all out 1 mile run. This was used to help determine what our pace groups would be like for the Saturday morning long runs. I ended up clocking my fast mile at a 6:54. That was a number I hadn’t seen in a long time either. It’s been a while since I’ve been running sub 7 minute mile pace. I was extremely happy with that and had fun chatting with some of the other runners and mentors about their goals coming up. I followed that up with a cool down mile run back to the store for some stretching.


Thursday: Speed work with Lana day. Someone (not me!) suggested we do 8 x .25 with a 2 minute RI. That girl wanted to do EIGHT of them. I figured I’d likely throw up my dinner by number 5 but was game for whatever crazy speed work she wanted to do. Again, I’m really REALLY lucky I have her around to push me. After a 2 mile warm up here is a look at the sprints: 6:18, 6:39, 6:31, 6:20, 6:45, 6:49, 7:07, 6:54. I’ll be proud of that! In the heat & humidity, I’m happy that only one of those were in the 7 range. Also, I totally felt my dinner coming up every time we finished a sprint. I ended it with a two mile cool down as well.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Since Tucker was in town visiting, I forced him to do a local race with me. We decided to do the Race for the Ark which was also going to be Reyna’s last race in Charleston before she moves back to Texas. I’m going to miss her so much. She’s so fun and gives the best high fives on the races course. The race morning was a little cooler but still humid. The race started at 7:40 which also allowed for a little bit cooler of temperatures. I didn’t have many expectations since I did speed work on Thursday night but I was able to clock in a 22:12 for that race! I also believe that this race had my fastest first mile and fasted third mile ever for a race. It was that darn second mile crash that caused me to miss a PR. I’m coming for that this fall.


Sunday: Long run Sunday morning with Lana. We put in 8 miles at a conversational pace. I was pleased that our last mile was our fastest and the mile uphill was our second fasted. We ended up averaging an 8:34 pace which was about 20 seconds faster per mile than last weeks long run.


Progress is coming, I can see it on the horizon.





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