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A little update

Summer has been filled with lots of races, family vacations, and lots of fun! I’ve been running around getting the girls as much summer fun in as I possibly can.

However,  that has led to a lack in my blog. Don’t fret though. The summer is winding down and I’m back to law upon you, my inspiring words. This summer has been brutal as far as training goes. There is just something so disheartening about watching your times get slower and slower. It usually means it’s just the heat and humidity playing factor into your running but sometimes its hard to turn the crazy part of your brain off that is saying things like, “You’re getting weaker” “you’ll never be able to run and feel good ever again”, “kiss those PR’s goodbye.” Like I said, most of this is all because the heat and humidity effect us all when we run and we just can’t run to our full potential in this weather. I think for me, when I started the summer 5k’s, I actually hit a PR and after that I never saw a time close to that again. I’m going to be happy when the fall weather comes around and I can put those nasty thoughts to rest.

Starting this week, I head up my half marathon training, to an extent. My half marathon in Savannah is on November 2nd and my full marathon in Charleston is on January 14th. This causes me to have a little bit of overlap in training because I want my full marathon training to be a bit longer in length. I’ve never run over 14 miles before and I’ve got big goals I’d love to achieve with this marathon. We all know I’m aiming to BQ and sure that is probably a little bit of a stretch for my first marathon but what is life without dreaming big! Since I have a little overlap, I took both training plans and melted them together in order to have one long training plan that starts this week and ends with the Marathon in January. I’m excited to get back to a plan, I haven’t been on a training plan since the last time I trained for a half. I enjoy having structure with my running schedule from time to time.

I’ve registered to do half marathon training with Fleet Feet in Summerville. Our workouts will be twice a week on Wednesday and Saturdays ( that I’m not racing) and I’m excited to try working out with a group. I’m hoping that the experts at Fleet Feet can give me that push to help me PR at Savannah as well as start building up my endurance for the marathon. I’m always up for new challenges and we all know that I have a love affair with Fleet Feet.


Now lets talk about my fundraiser: 

I’m at $1,073 which is 72% of the way to my goal of $1500.

Coincidentally, today in my timehop, there were pictures of when I dyed my hair purple for miraclefeet. so I’m putting myself out there again because who doesn’t like having fun colored hair.

As soon as I reach my goal of $1500, I’ll dye these golden locks another fun color again and I’ll even let the person who pushes me to $1500 decide the color!  So share my fundraiser page, donate if you can, and get the word out to help these foster children have an extra special birthday.





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