Fundraiser update!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I updated you guys on the fundraiser so lets chat about it!

A few weeks ago I held a raffle with all of those fantastic prizes that were generously donated. I have to send out another big THANK YOU to all of the businesses who donated. It is truly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. All together we raised $788 in raffle sales! That is amazing and almost double what we raised the last time we held a raffle. I hope all of you who won prizes enjoy them. Congratulations and thank you for supporting Birthdays For All. 

As of today I’m 72% of the way to reaching my goal of raising $1500 for Birthdays For All. I’m hoping to reach this goal by my race in November so please share the fundraising page and get the word out! Every little bit helps. Even if it’s just skipping that Starbucks coffee for one day, there are tons of foster children in the Charleston area who would be so appreciative and thankful.

You can find out more about Birthdays for All at their website:

Here is a link to their facebook page:

And of course here is the link to my crowdrise page where you can graciously donate to the fundraiser!

Thank you again to everyone who helped, donated,and  purchased raffle tickets. My heart is overflowing with love for each and every one of you.




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