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The Road To Peachtree part 3- The Expo


I decided since it was my first year running Peachtree that I would actually go to the Expo to pick up my bib instead of having it mailed to me.  A week prior to the event I was seeing friends and strangers posting on the event page how excited they were to receive their bib in the mail, what color it was, and what corral they were in. I was so jealous but weirdly because I wanted to know what color my bib was going to be. I was praying for no hideous colors that would look bad with my outfit.

As for the corral, I already knew I was in wave B. The corrals are time based for Peachtree and everyone has to submit a time from a previous race to ensure you’re in the correct corral. Had I waited until after the Cooper River Bridge Run this year, I would have been able to bump myself up to Wave A with my 45:00 time. That’s okay though, I’ll use that one next year to move up a little bit more.

We left for Atlanta on Saturday morning. The ride there was fairly smooth for having two kids (one who is a MENACE on all car rides) and we arrived at the expo around 2pm. The expo is two days long, Saturday & Sunday, from 9am to 6pm. There is no bib pick up the morning of the race so you either need to choose to have your bib mailed to you or you need to stop by the expo. The directions got us right to the parking lot we needed to be in but man was it hot out and the walk to the expo had us dripping sweat already. We saw a really long line to get into the expo that we waited in, only to find out that line was just to get a bag to carry your swag in, there honestly was no reason for the line. However, being in the line means you can’t see what you are waiting for so I think everyone assumed that was the line to pick your bib up. On the plus side, that kept lots of people from entering the expo at once.

Once inside it was super easy to locate my bib and head in to check out all the fun stuff. I saw a display with the special edition Mizuno shoes that I purchased for the race. Man those shoes are so beautiful, I’m so glad I splurged for them. Inside was very much like the Cooper River Bridge Run Expo. There were stands where you could buy memerobilia, all of your fuel and hydration needs, fun accessories, and shoes. Tony and I grabbed some free beer, tried some yummy snacks including beef jerky and granola bars. Tony checked out a tiny car that he looked ridiculous sitting in and I had my picture taken at a few spots along the way.


The expo was fun and got me extremely excited for the race. My bib was a pretty pink color that I was very happy with and I walked out of the expo with lots of nice freebies. After the expo we headed to our hotel to check in and relax the rest of the night.

13616155_10209948160444837_2095852909_o (1)




One thought on “The Road To Peachtree part 3- The Expo

  1. We went to the expo this year too… I got a nice trucker running hat and a pic of my dh in the tiny car as well LOLL!!! It was a good expo..we were in and out in 30 minutes. Oh, I also got a tech shirt from the Shepherd Center. I saw a guy with it on in the elevator and he told me where to get it… that is why we ended up there 🙂

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