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The Road to Peachtree part 2- The Outfit!

Let’s talk clothes!

There are crazy races out there that people get all decked out for in costume. Even the Cooper River Bridge Run has its fair share of crazy costumes. Over the years we’ve seen everything from superhero’s to a group of sloths.

However, I’m not big on the elaborate costume. I’m more about finding a practical running outfit that is themed instead. I don’t want an uncomfortable costume getting in my way for 6 miles, bad things can happen in new things like that. HELLO Chaffing!  So for a 4th of July race, I need to go Red, White, and Blue!!! If you remember I did a poll a while back asking people to pick their favorite shirt for me to wear, well I purchased the crowd favorite! It’s a great material and is super comfy.


The shoes are my absolute favorite part. This year Mizuno decided to have a limited edition shoe specifically for the Peachtree race. These shoes are just as gorgeous in person as they are in pictures. The inside has Peachtree written on it and the outside just shines with its gorgeous colors. I’m pretty obsessed with them. I’ve taken them for a trial run to break them in and I’m excited to sport them on race day.

To go with my top and shoes, I got a pair of blue shorts and a blue sparkly sweaty band to make my outfit complete.

Of course, what good mother wouldn’t make her girls match too! I got Fi a shirt that matches mine and Vale has an adorable holiday jumper to wear. I can’t wait to get a picture of the three of us on race day.


What crazy costumes have you seen before during a race?





2 thoughts on “The Road to Peachtree part 2- The Outfit!

  1. That is the cutest outfit ever!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to be taking a ton of pics of you! The little girl outfits are super cute too! Where is Tony’s special outfit? 😀


    1. Thanks 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you are wearing this year! I’ll be lucky if I can just get Tony to wear a blue shirt hahaha


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