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Race the Landing #3 (23:33)

I’m a little behind on race recaps, so I promise to pump them all out this week to be all caught up. I’ve just been busy running, enjoying Fiona’s first week of school, being up all night with a toddler, and all the other shenanigans that go on in my crazy, fun life.

Race the Landing #3 has been by far my worst race so far post pregnancy. Obviously not my worst time since coming back from pregnancy but it was the worst feeling race for me. I felt kind of off before the race even started. The heat was here, my stomach was a little off, but sometimes I still get pre-race jitters. Lana and I went out for a two mile warm up to get our feet moving. I actually didn’t feel completely horrible during the warm up and started to get a little optimistic.

2016 Race the Landing 5k Series #3
Images from the third race in the 2016 Race the Landing 5k series at Charlestowne Landing, in Charleston, South Carolina.

That came to a screeching hault as soon as we took off. My legs couldn’t keep up with my mind. I kept telling myself to go faster but my legs just wouldn’t budge. I ended up starting kind of slow but I figured I could pace like I did at the race prior and attempt to negative split. Mile 1 ticked off at 7:14 pace. I was happy with that and just hoped I could keep this up.

2016 Race the Landing 5k Series #3
Images from the third race in the 2016 Race the Landing 5k series at Charlestowne Landing, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Then came mile 2. I cramped up hard. I kept lifting my hands above my head and tried to work the cramp out. At this point I let Lana go on without me. I watched her take off and I said “go get it girl!” At that point Lana was in 4th overall female but I could tell her legs were on fire and she was going to make a run for it. It’s always fun when you can watch your running partner do excellent. Mile 2 ticked off at 7:29. Definitely slowing down and at this point I just wanted to finish the race.

Mile 3 was a crash and burn for me. 8:05 was my last mile. I pulled back a little and stopped pushing myself because I knew that there was something going on with myself. I finally crossed the finish line in 23:33 and I just wanted my post run beer.


Lana shared with me that she ended up as the 3rd overall female! I knew that girl had kick in her legs. I’m so proud of her. I wanted so bad to see her cross the finish line but I was just slogging along way too far behind her to see her big finish. But thankfully she was still with me when we passed Brian so he could get a great picture of us running.

On our cool down, I ended up having to walk/run. This is where I realized I was severely dehydrated. My hands were tingling and numb as we were running. I took my time and realized I needed a new game plan for my hydration with these evening hot races. I decided that from now on I’m upping my water to closer to 100 ounces. I’m breastfeeding which means I need even more water than normal. I’m clearly not taking in enough to get me through the hot weather here in Charleston. Spoiler alert, you’ll hear how my hydration has made my races so much better in the next race recaps!

Lana took 3rd overall female and I took 1st in my age group. We enjoyed some fried chicken, pasta salad, veggies, & rice. Of course beer was drank as well! I love this race series so much, it has been fun every single week and I look forward to the final two races in this blistering South Carolina heat.

One last note: YOU FREAKING ROCK LANA CILLIE! Sorry, but I’m like a proud mama over here and just want to brag on how great you executed and rocked this race.





2 thoughts on “Race the Landing #3 (23:33)

    1. Thanks! They really are. It sucks when you feel like you can’t do anything about it. It’s always crappy when you want to feel good and race hard and something minor like a side stitch is keeping you from going as hard or fast as you want to


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