Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly Recap (5/2-5/8)

This week was a low mileage week for me because I had two races and Sunday’s long run about killed me the previous week. The heat and humidity is getting real people and my body just hasn’t acclimated to it yet. Our Sunday long run of 10 miles was over in my head by about mile 4. I went out with all these hopes of doing 10 miles at my goal marathon pace and it just didn’t happen. We also went out at night time and I’m realizing that my Sunday long runs are going to have to happen in the mornings before the sun comes up. Not only because of the heat but because I run so much better with less food on my stomach.

Monday: Core work

Tuesday: Elliptical for 60 minutes

Wednesday: Elliptical for 60 minutes + Core work

Thursday: Race the Landing 1.5 mile warm up, 3.1 mile race, 1.2 mile cool down

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Mom’s Run 1.5 mile warm up, 3.1 mile race ( I walked around as a cool down)

Sunday: 6 mile “Long run”


Ugh it happened again this Sunday too. Maybe it’s a combination of running hard twice this week, the heat, the humidity, and running in the evening. I also am starting to believe I have a sort of lactose intolerance that happened during pregnancy. Any time I eat ice cream, milk, or yogurt I’ve been having horrible stomach issues. Sure enough I had a milk shake Sunday for mothers day and a couple hours later I was regretting it. Which of course this feeling hit me during my long run with Lana. From now on I vow to get up as early as I have to on Sundays to get my run done first thing in the morning or I’m going over to O2 fitness and running in the AC.

Both races went really well for me. Thursday’s Race The Landing is an official PR in my book. (21:31) This is even a pre-pregnancy PR for me! My best race to date that was a full 3.1 course was 21:47. I’m excited that just 6 months postpartum  and I’m already faster than I was before pregnancy. It gives me hope that with this diligent training, speed work, and strength training that I’m doing, I’ll keep seeing improvements. This coming year is full of big dreams for me and I want to absolutely put my best foot forward.

Sunday was also Mother’s day. I had such a great day with my family. I woke up to a gigantic card (the size of Fiona) with the girls hand prints and foot prints. Tony had gone out and got me my favorite breakfast from Dunkin. I went and got a pedicure, we had brunch at Community Pizza house, and then we strolled King street for 2nd Sunday. I ended my night with friends, Game of Thrones, and a burger. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you hubby for putting together such a wonderful day for me. I’m blessed that Fiona and Valerie call me mommy. I hope I make them proud.





One thought on “Weekly Recap (5/2-5/8)

  1. Congrats on your new official RTL 5K PR and also the Mom’s Run! Stinks about the long runs and the heat (I was travelling so I skipped mine). Sunday was crazy hot and over 90 when I ran, so I can see where the heat would slow down a long run a lot.

    I hope you figure out the tummy issues with dairy too. I guess that’s all a matter of experimenting, but I had some stomach issues on a run a few weeks ago and seriously think it was the heat and dehydration. It would suck to have to eliminate yogurt… and milkshakes 😦 😦 :(.


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