Thank you Hetrick Glass Shop & Fleet Feet Sports Summerville

What would a half marathon fundraiser be without a running themed prize basket.

For all of you back in good old upstate New York, you may have heard of Hetrick Glass Shop. It’s my family’s business and it’s been around since, well, forever. My grandfather started in many, many years ago and currently my father and my uncle run it. When you walk in, you’re very likely to see baby pictures of me and my cousins all over the place. You’ll hear my uncles rock music playing in the back ground and you’ll likely see my dad chatting it up with one of their many life long customers. My family means the world to me and I can not thank them enough for their generous donation of $50 towards a running themed basket for the raffle. Of course my dad left it up to me to pick out the awesome prizes that would go in the basket. I am the expert 😉 If anyone need any glass repaired, please visit my family’s business located in Elmira Heights.

I went to Fleet Feet last week to pick up the items for the Hetrick Glass Shop running basket. I walked in and started picking out some fuel, recovery items, the usual things that every runner needs. Sarah had asked me what I was doing and I let her know I was just browsing and picking up some things I needed for the raffle. As I’m shopping, out comes my favorite person, Anni. If you ask anyone who has ever come to me with questions on running, I’ve always directed them in the same path. Go to Fleet Feet Summerville and ask for Anni. I trust Anni with the most important thing to me, my feet. My running, my success, warding off injuries, it all comes down to my running shoes, my running fuel, and my recovery methods. There is no one smarter and there is no one I trust more. I love Fleet Feet with all of my heart. They currently and forever will have all of my business. Everything they do for our local running community just amazes me. They always take care of me and I feel like family when I walk in there.

So as usual, Anni made my heart beam even bigger when she walked out with a $25 gift certificate to  Fleet Feet to add to the raffle basket. I will never be able to express how much I love this girl and the people she works for. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Again, if anyone ever wants to start running, wants to do a training program, I highly recommend going for a nice long visit to Fleet Feet and letting Anni use her expertise to find exactly what you need. I promise you won’t go wrong.


LOOK AT THIS AWESOME BASKET! As a runner, I’m drooling over it. Seriously.

Included: $15 gift card to RoadID, $25 gift card to Fleet Feet, Quickshot watter bottle, Run Charleston hat, 2 packages of Sports beans, 2 honey stinger gels, 2 honey stinger waffles, 1 nuun tablet pack, 1 sunbum lip balm, 1 bonk breaker, & 1 addaday roller!





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