Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly training recap (4/11-4/17)

Since I skipped out on long run Sunday because I was too hungover, I made up for it on Monday. It was a pretty easy week because I had the i5k that I was preparing for.

Monday: Long run 8.2 mile averaging 8:07 pace

Tuesday: Elliptical for 60 minutes

Wednesday: Elliptical for 60 minutes with no resistance

Thursday: 4.5 miles including the i5k race

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 8.87 mile long run averaging 8:05 pace with Lana. This is pretty awesome because not too long ago, Lana and I could barely maintain an 8:30 pace while talking. Now we can do sub 8 minute miles while chatting away. Not to mention, I wanted to quit at mile 6 but Lana was there to keep me going. Having a great running partner makes ALL the difference. Like tonight, I really don’t want to go do speedwork. But, Lana is counting on me, Lana figured out what speed work we’re going to do, and I don’t want to let my training partner down. All of this is going to pay off when we are destroying the Race the Landing course this summer.

Sunday: Core work


The i5k race proved to me that my speed is increasing. I hit my wall at 2.5 miles though and saw myself drastically slowing down after that point. These next two weeks are all about speed training and core work. Lana and I are going to focus in on our speedwork to our goal race pace instead of just going all out. Summer heat is starting to set in and we are absolutely feeling it now on our runs. Training in the summer should help us with our fall races though. I’m so excited that I can fully commit to training now without the thought of getting pregnant again in my head. I’m thankful for what my body did but I’m happy to have, most of it, back to myself.


Upcoming goals: Race the Landing ( a true 3.1 race) maintaining a 6:45 pace

Long runs increase while maintaining a sub 8:20 pace

Focus on core work 3x per week

I hope you all are out there crushing your goals too. You only get out what you put in, so get out there and do the work. You can either be sorry or sore, choose SORE!








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