Thank you Charleston Riverdogs!

If you haven’t been to a Riverdogs game yet, you are totally missing out. I’m not a huge fan of baseball but I’m thee biggest fan of going to The Joe to see our Riverdogs play.

Why would you want to go to a baseball game if you don’t like baseball, you might ask. Let me show you the ways in which I LOVE The Joe.

  1. You have a chance of running into Bill Murray. Bill is the owner of the Riverdogs and not only does he come out for opening night, throughout the season you can see him in his box seats with some famous people. This past year he hosted Anthony Bourdain and Danny Mcbride. 150424_dvo_pop_full_16x9_992
  2. It is every foodies dream. Have you ever heard of a beer shake? No? Beer + Milkshake + (shot of liquor if you want!) = OH MY GOD GOOD. I’ve had the new Palmetto Biscotti Shake and let me tell you what, it’s heaven. On top of this deliciousness, The Joe is known for their hot dogs. Maybe you remember seeing them on Man vs. Food! Some other great additions are adult grilled cheese that have brie and blueberries, ramen noodle bowls, a shrimp & Grits corndog, and a deep fried pecan pie on a stick!
  3. There is beer.
  4. It can be a lot of fun for the kids. Charlie & Chelsea the dog will come around and see the kids. Sometimes Charlie will hump your husbands leg. There is a face painter on site and there are always yummy foods for the kids too! Fiona wouldn’t know, she just always asks for ice cream when we get there.


Additionally there are always good deals like family nights or kids eat free nights. Check out their website too because some nights there are fireworks! Tony and I went to watch a game for our 1 year anniversary and there happen to be fireworks that night. 

I want to thank the Charleston Riverdogs for their great donation of a family 4 pack! That’s 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 chips, & 4 sodas to a game!13062612_10209355130179451_394759404_o


Their generosity to my fundraiser is greatly appreciated. I know whoever wins this in the raffle will absolutely love it and have such an amazing time at the game!





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