Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly training recap (4/4-4/10)

There wasn’t anything overly crazy with this week of training except that I missed my usual long run on Sunday thanks to my favorite ladies taking me out for my birthday the night before.

Monday: Leg day!

Tuesday: Speed work with Lana!

10 minute warm up

4 x .5 miles with 5 minute recoveries

13 minute cool down for a total of 7 miles

Our speed work was absolutely on point this week. Our pace for our .5 mile sprints were ( 6:43, 6:44, 6:51, 7:17) The last one got me pretty good. Lana was definitely pushing it a lot harder than I was by the end of this workout. I was probably a little tired from the bridge run on Saturday still but my legs felt strong at the beginning of this workout. Either way, I’m very happy with 3 of my sprints being under goal 5k pace.

Wednesday: My birthday! I didn’t do anything but go shopping all day long and get some new running shoes from Fleet Feet in Summerville. I got myself a new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus!

Thursday: Speed work with Lana. We’re working on getting in two speed work outs a week. This workout was a 10 minute warm up, 10 X 1 minute sprints with 1 minute recoveries. 17 minute cooldown for a total of 6.8 miles.

These sprints were amazing. I looked back at where Lana and I were when we first tried 1 minute sprints. We were closer to 7:00 pace for our sprints back then. On Thursday our sprints were the following pace ( 6:09, 6:01, 6:08, 6:01, 6:14, 5:42, 6:03, 5:46, 5:40, 5:57) The fact that some of our sprints were under 6 minute miles had my smile as far across my face as possible. As soon as I got home and uploaded my workout, I immediately texted Lana to brag about how amazing we are. I never checked my watch during our workout so I had no clue how fast we were going for our sprints. All of this amazing speed work is hopefully going to get us to see sub 20 5K race at some point. Right now I’m just focused on seeing 21:xx on the clock at the next race.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 5.5 miles total. 1 mile warm up, Chocolate run 5K (3 miles) and a 1.5 mile cool down. The race sucked but I went out and had the most delicious dinner at Rue de Jean with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Then we went out and danced our little hearts out. We had the best time drinking and dancing. I love these girls more than I can put into words. My liver on the other hand might hate when we all go out together.


Sunday: Didn’t even move from the couch. I pushed my long run to Monday. I was extremely hungover and probably would have puked had I run with Lana.

Total Miles this week: 19.3 It’s on the low end because I missed my long run Sunday. I should have done 8 miles on Sunday. Ohhhh well. This week coming up, I have the i5k race on Thursday so my training is going to be a little weird this week too.





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