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Thankful Friday

Today isn’t about my training or my race. Today I wanted to take a few minutes to write a note of thankfulness.


First of all I need to thank my husband. He stands by my side during my crazy adventures. He has never even skipped a beat when I’ve asked to run races, travel to races, or spend a crazy amount of money on races. He helps me by watching the girls while I get my training in which can sometimes be around the craziness of bed time. He listens to me complain at night about my sore muscles or a race that I didn’t quite hit my goals. He texts me as soon as I am done racing to ask how I did and cheer me on from the comfort of our living room and two girls who are needy for his attention. He may not be able to make it to my races right now but he is supporting me so hard in the ways that he can. None of my racing accomplishments would be possible without him.


Enough mush.

I also wanted to send out a heart felt thank you to the three people who have donated to my fundraiser so far. To Ryan, Ashly, and Pam, Thank you so much for your donations to the fundraiser. So far with these donations, you have helped me raise $150 towards Birthdays For All. I know that they are just as appreciative of your donations as I am. It helps put me one step closer to my goal of raising $1500 for them. These donations will go towards foster children in the low-country so that they can have an amazing birthday with presents that they have asked for. It will surely brighten their birthdays! I’m so lucky to have friends who also support me and the causes that I run for. It touches my heart in so many ways. For anyone who would like to donate to my fundraiser, you can find it here:

Michelle’s Fundraiser

To everyone that has shared my fundraising page, read my blog, cheered me on in my running: Thank you. I may not get a chance to thank each one of you individually but I want you all to know that I notice it and I appreciate it. It keeps me going when running seems to tough and I would rather just lay on the couch with a box of cookies.  I can’t wait to make you all proud at Rock N Roll Savannah!


So there is my mushy gushy post for this Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great Easter!




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