Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly Run Recap (3/14-3/20)

I’ll be honest, I’ve been watching Fuller House all week and loving it. The only thing I miss is Michelle. My best friend growing up and I used to be obsessed with MK & A. We had every single movie, we belonged to the fan club, we called each other by their names, we made up our own mysteries, and we could sing every single one of their songs. Fuller House just doesn’t seem right without them but I totally understand why they aren’t doing it. I love all the little blurbs they throw in the show though about the girls. Last night I finished up my elliptical hill workout while watching the show and I’m loving how cool it is to be nostalgic right now. Everything is screaming the ’90s and this girl is more than excited about it.

Monday this week was leg day, as it is every week. I hit the elliptical for some “hills” then did my usual squat routine.

Tuesday: Speed work which was a 10 minute warmup at an easy pace of 8:39 average, 70 second sprints with 2 minute recoveries x 9. (it was supposed to be 10 but I’m a dummy and thought I was done) and a 10 minute cool down. My sprints were 6:53, 6:37, 6:35, 6:42, 6:38, 6:36, 6:31, 6:07, 6:03 paces respectively. I felt good afterwards too being able to keep a solid pace for the cool down.

Wednesday: I did the Fleet Feet monthly pub run. This week it was hosted at the Carolina Ale House in Summerville. Each month these runs take place at a different restaurant and a different shoe brand will come and let you try out their shoes for the run. This month’s was New Balance shoes. I was super excited to try out the Fresh Foam 1080. I started out with a 2 mile warm-up before the 3 mile race course which was basically the same course as the cocoa cup 5k. I knew it looked awfully familiar when I was running it. I decided not to have any sort of goal pace for this fun run and just let my legs do the talking. I think I averaged around 8 minute miles or so for the run. After we were finished we got some raffle tickets and I headed inside for a yummy beer and an ahi tuna salad. All of it was delicious and I managed to win a water bottle from Fleet Feet! I will definitely be back again next month for their next pub run.

Thursday: I originally wasn’t going to run on Thursday. Usually this is core and arm day for me but I was frustrated beyond belief and I needed to get out of the house to cool down. Since I am always wearing running gear/work out clothes these days, it was easy for me to throw on my watch and head out the door. I did a quick 25 minute 3 mile run which was long enough for me to regain my composure. Apparently three years old is the new thirteen.

Friday: I did the elliptical for 60 minutes of cross training

Saturday: 60 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of circuit training

Sunday: I ran the bridge in the rain and wind. I went back and forth about whether or not to go out there and run it but the bridge run is in two weeks and I don’t have time to skip bridge run workouts. I checked the weather and the rain was supposed to let up. So I laced up and drove down to mount pleasant. The bridge was super foggy and there was hardly anyone out there running. I kind of enjoyed not having to weave around people on the bridge. I started out fast, I wanted to practice kicking it up the hill. That is where I’m going to lose the most time, so I want to hit it strong. Once I got to the top, I cruised down the other side and decided to make it a 6 mile run, so I headed down East Bay Street a bit.  I turned around and headed back up the bridge. (This is something I don’t have to do for the bridge run, you only go over the bridge once) At the top of the bridge I kicked it again but I was holding back slightly out of fear of slipping on the wet bridge. I finished up without looking at my watch. When I took the time to read it, I realized I would have set a 10k PR had I gone the extra .2 miles. As angry as I am for not going the extra .2 to see that PR, I am so excited because that should mean that I PR the Bridge Run. I did a happy dance knowing that if I can run that back going over the bridge both ways in the rain and wind, I should be able to really surprise myself at the event, barring any bad weather.


a4807a30-f5b0-0132-f10b-0ed54733f8f5 <– How I felt, post long run  over the bridge





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