Weekly Training Rundown

Weekly run recap ( 3/7-3/13)

This week I had to change up my running. I found that my legs were too tight for races on Saturdays when I did speed work on a Thursday. So I’m playing around with my training schedule.

Monday: Strength training- Leg Day

Tuesday: Speed work- 10 minute warm up, 1 minute sprints followed by 2 minute recoveries x 10 – 10 minute cool down: 6 miles

Wednesday: 5 mile progression run

Thursday: Core + Arms

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Shamrock Shuffle 5k Race + 1 mile warm up

Sunday: 7 mile run over the Bridge

Total Miles: 22.1 miles

Speed work on Tuesday went great with Lana. We killed it with those 1 minute sprints. All of our sprints were around our ultimate goal race pace. Lana and I are training hard to break a 20 minute 5k someday and we will absolutely get there if we keep training as hard as we are. I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I’m so lucky to have her pushing me through these workouts that I would likely skimp on without her by my side.

Wednesday we did a great progression run (8:30, 8:25, 8:07, 7:50, 7:40) By the end of our progression run we were at a speed that we could no longer chit chat. But we are absolutely improving. If you had ran with us 4 weeks ago, we wouldn’t have been able to chat very well at the beginning of this progression run. Now we are running 8:00-8:30 pace without skipping a beat.

I took Thursday and Friday as my rest days leading up to the race on Saturday. I focused on strength work, stretching, yoga, and hydrating. I think this had such a huge impact on my racing because Saturday I managed to break through 23 minutes. A race recap of the Shamrock Shuffle is coming soon! It was a great race and didn’t leave me sore at all like Bosch 5K, the week prior.

Sunday we met up with some friends to run the bridge. From here on out I am promising to dedicate two long runs per month to the bridge. Maybe if I start now, by next year, I’ll be able to destroy the Bridge Run. I’m still very weary on how I’m going to do in a couple of weeks. I used this as part of a recovery run from the race. So Lana and I went out to the bridge without any expectations. We weren’t going to focus on our pace and we weren’t going to worry about the distance either. We started on the mount pleasant side and worked against the wind up the bridge. Once we got to the top our pace evened out a bit more closer to 8:30 pace. We cruised down the bridge and followed East Bay all the way to the aquarium and did a nice loop to let our legs rest before going back to the bridge and climbing back over it. Going back up over the bridge actually felt really good and easy. I was surprised at how loose my legs were after racing hard on Saturday. I listened to my body and kept around an 8:00 pace up the bridge. Once I hit the top it was easy sailing down the other side. Of course I’m going at a decline so that is going to help my pace but I let my legs go at it and ended up at a pace of 6:45 by the time I hit the bottom of the bridge.

Our bridge run really gave me the confidence boost I need for the race in a few weeks. My race on Saturday also gave me some significant confidence for the bridge run. Of course all things need to fall in place in order for me to PR that beast on April 2nd. I’m going to need the right weather conditions, well rested legs, and a great playlist to keep my energy up. But overall, I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve been making. My spirits are up after my slump of a week that included the Bosch 5k. I have no other races between now and the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k, so we shall see what happens with the training and how well it plays out at the race.

Let the nerves set in now…




Hey, Don’t forget to check out my fundraiser! Remember that all this training and racing is in an effort to help a local non-profit, Birthdays for all. I’m trying to raise $1500 that would go to purchasing birthday gifts for the foster children of Charleston. Thanks again for all your continued support.

Birthdays for All fundraiser


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